Munchkin Booster Seat & Travel Products

I absolutely adore being a brand ambassador for Munchkin and Lindam, they are two of my favourite brands - Lindam are the one only brand that we choose when it comes to child safety products. And Munchkin's range of products for childrens and babies is just beyond brilliant!

Every now and again I am sent new products from both of these brands to test with Ethan and then if I wish to I can then go on to feature my favourites here on my blog.

This month I was sent the Munchkin travel mailer which contained the following:
Travel booster seat | Designer change mat | Click lock insulated sippy cup | Teether baby | Beaming Baby organic wipes | 2 Pack click lock food pouch spoon tips | Travel to-go bib

They also very kindly sent me an Adjustable booster seat for Ethan to use. I had wanted Ethan to start sitting at the table properly with us for a while, I did love using his highchair but I feel that the booster seats make children feel so much more a part of the 'table' at dinner. So I was thrilled when they agreed to let me test one!

The thing that I love so much about Munchkin is that, yes, they do amazing quality products, yes, they are bright, colourful and totally fun, but it's just how utterly handy their stuff is that really stands out the most for me. 

Nearly every product that I own of theirs is really cleverly designed and has a way of making life feel that much more easier and they seriously nail this when it comes to their travel range - which is when you really do need a product to be that much handier!

We haven't had an opportunity to use the travel booster seat yet, but let me tell you - it looks AMAZING! First of all the pattern is beautiful. Secondly, it looks SO useful - it has a secret pocket, which is actually quite large, hidden below the seat. You can fit items such as wipes, spoons, sachets, bibs, basically whatever you want (within reason) inside of it - making it brilliant for travel. It then folds away when you're done and even has a carry handle on it. It really does look brilliant and I can't wait to use ours! 

The changing mat is awesome too, and has lots of little pockets for nappies, wipes, nappy bags, travel sized nappy creams, etc within it. See - I told you! - Totally handy.. totally makes life easier!

The click lock insulated cup, is our new favourite drinks cup. Ethan had always struggled when it came to using bigger cups and so we always used the OXO Tot sippy cup (shown in the top pictures below). I wasn't really sure if he was going to take very well to Munchkins Click Lock, but I tried it anyway and was really pleased to see that literally straight away he was able to use it with absolute ease! The Click Lock is insulated so it keeps drinks cooler for longer which is a great feature to any cup.

The booster seat for home that Munchkin sent to us is AMAZING.. and I totally recommend it if you are reading this and currently looking for a booster seat to buy for your own little one! I love everything about it - it was easy to fit, has it's own little table (though we don't use it at the dining table, but it would come in handy if Ethan ate in his booster seat on the floor in the living room), it's easy to strap him in, it was easy to install, it's super light weight, it's out of the way,  it allows us to eat as a proper family all together.. yeah - I literally could go on! I love the booster seat so much and I cannot fault it! I totally, totally recommend it!

I love all of the products that Munchkin sent in their travel mailer - the fold away travel bib and spoons are so handy and they new live in my changing bag. The elephant teether is really cute and has been put away for baby no.2 when we have another as I think it'll make a lovely little elephant friend to hang on to the side of the pram!

As always you can find a lot more information about Munckin and their products, including the ones seen here at http://www.munchkin.eu.com or over on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MunchkinUK and twitter: https://twitter.com/Munchkin_UK.


  1. Oscar has a little booster seat from mamas and papas and it is so handy for taking out and about! x

    Kat from Blushing Rose

  2. The products look fab love the look of the booster seat