Another year older!

Today I turn 26. That somehow feels so much more closer to 30 than 25 does. 25 felt young. 26 feels, well.. just older.

It's funny because today (yesterday to you) I took a look at my Time Hop app on my phone and saw that I posted a status  to Facebook saying 'I turn 21 tomorrow xD (excited face)' and then above that time hop told me that was five years ago - just in case I couldn't count.. ;)

And it struck me that, wow - I could remember turning 21 just like it was yesterday. But it was five whole years ago. Five! And that's a long time.

So much has happened in five years. Things have happened that I couldn't have even dreamt about. I became a Mum for one. Who knew THAT would happen.. after I'd spend many many hours protesting and insisting that I'd never have children! It's funny when you look back isn't it?

I started this blog and a whole new world opened up. A world I love to be a part of. A space on the Internet just for me. A place that I am very proud of.

I married Adam - a dream I'd had ever since we met.

I adopted four cats - something that I probably knew I'd always end up doing.

We moved from our rented flat to a house where we took out our first mortgage, it was a shared ownership and it got us on to the ladder. We then moved to the house we live in now and went for full ownership with a full mortgage. We got the village location and the back and front garden, we got to live near chickens and sheep and live near to what will hopefully be a brilliant school for Ethan.

I got the job I wanted - all of those applications and all of the tears of frustration were worth it. I got there in the end. And maybe I learnt that actually I didn't want to go the whole way after I joined, but at least I did it the right way. And at least the blog I went on to set up meant that I could work part time and have days at home with my baby.

It's definitely funny when you look back. You realise that so much changes and it does so in what feels like a very quick time frame. But for me, it's been five years since I posted that little old Facebook status about turning 21. And do you know what.. I may be getting older and further away from my twenties but I couldn't be happier with the things that I've achieved and where I'm at in life.

So here's to being 26 and here's to what the next five years of my life may bring! May it be as good as the last five.


  1. Happy Birthday Alex! Have a wonderful day with Adam and Ethan - I know they'll make it special for you. By the way, it's another very special lady's birthday today - my Grandma. My son is also 4 months old today so it's a good date all round!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day x

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day and get thoroughly spoilt! Xx

  4. Happy Birthday hunnie, hope you are having a fantastic day xx

  5. Happy birthday Alex, hope you had a lovely day :) xx

  6. Happy birthday Alex (did you say it was yesterday?). This got me reflecting on the past 7, nearly 8 years since I turned 21 and I can't believe how much things have changed in that time. Hope you had a lovely day with your boys xx

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Alex, hope u had a fab day http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  8. Happy Birthday. I have just found your blog and love i, read most of the posts from the beginning now. Hope you had an amazing day xxx