Our Home Decor: Keeping it Personal

When it comes to home decor, I am a great lover of keeping things personal and one way I do that is through personalised art prints in frames. 

Think - things that mean something to you!

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If you've seen Ethans nursery tour post then you've probably seen that the frames we have in his room are all personal.

We have a dragon drawing that his Dad did for his GCSE art, framed, we have a picture frame that my Auntie made for Ethan, framed and then we have three other white frames in his room that we filled with art prints from the Internet. (See below).

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- I wonder why there might be a cat art print right there in the centre? Perhaps his Mum is a bit of a crazy cat lady? ;)

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We've just finally managed to fill two frames in our bedroom above our bed that have been empty for a while now.

I personally would rather just keep frames empty right up until the point when the perfect art print finds it way under my nose, that way I'm not just buying an insert/print for the sake of it.

We've got three MASSIVE frames to fill in the kitchen above our dining table right now so I have been browsing art prints on etsy looking for the perfect inserts.

I should mention that we buy all of our frames from IKEA - they're nice and cheap and personally I think that they're totally modern!

We buy all of our prints from etsy simply because there is so much to choose from on there. One of my favourite sellers on etsy at the moment is: SilverPenguinPrints simply because I think she sells such adorable nursery prints. I am really into grey and yellow at the moment (probably something to do with it being summer!) and so I added this ultra cute by her to my basket the other day:

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Source: yellow-grey-nautical-nursery-wall-art

Another fab print I love is this one for little boys:

As much as I do love the colour it's shown in, I think I will go for something a little more neutral (you can change the colours about on this print) to fit with Ethans neutral nursery theme. 

boys wall art, little boys art
Source: baby-boy-nursery-art-print
 - It's the words that get me :) 

Oh and then just because not everyone that reads my blog has a little boy, I found the perfect art print for a little princesses' room too :) I think this would go perfect framed in a white frame for a more personal feel. 

girls wall art, baby girl wall art
Source: baby-girls-nursery-prints

What I love about art prints is that instead of going to wherever and buying a canvas or a picture just because you MUST fill that gap, you can actually take your time browsing etsy, amazon or wherever takes your fancy for THE PERFECT PRINT. The Internet is a big old place where as in a shop you're limited! 


         What do you think to art prints? Is this something you do yourself for your own home decor?


  1. Oh I do this too!! Thanks for sharing links I always like new places to look for them xx

  2. I love your style of decor. Your dining area and bedroom look lovely!xx

  3. Loving your style Alex! Your home looks so perfect! The prints are so cute. Our d├ęcor is rather themed at the moment as my husband is a bit of a car nut, but I quite like it that my girly ornaments and prints are mingled in with his posters and expansive collection of model cars!

  4. Hi Alex,
    Love your blog! I have those IKEA RIBBA frames and use them to frame tea towels, I know it sounds a bit strange but there are some really modern fun designs these days on websites like not on the high street and www.todryfor.com and they're never more than £15. Might be worth a look?

  5. Love the art in Ethan's room and lovely to have a story behind the pictures.