Fun Activities For When The Kids Are Asleep!

The kids are finally asleep, so now what’s there to do? Whether you’re on your own or share your life with your husband or partner, the following 10 ideas will help you turn the doldrums into a delightful (even memorable) evening. You can invite friends and neighbours over or simply enjoy a quiet evening while the children sleep. 
  1. Have a Picnic in the Backyard - Go for an evening picnic in your garden. Pack a basket full of breads, cheese, fruit, and a bottle of wine. Throw a blanket on the ground. Or have a BBQ, light a bonfire and toast some marshmallows. Then stay up late and enjoy the evening sky. 
  2. Invite Friends Over for a B.Y.O. Get-Together - Invite your friends to a ‘bring your own’ evening. Have guests contribute a beverage, a specific dish, or desert. Plan a theme or keep it casual and just let the party unfold. 
  3. Have an Ice Cream Social - Buy a bucket of ice-cream, or a variety of your favourite flavours, a few yummy toppings, and indulge to your hearts content! Feel like a kid again with your soul-mate, your friends, or on your own! 
  4. Prepare a Romantic Dinner - Start cooking the meal ahead of time, before the kids are asleep. Slow-cookers offer a great solution, and the meal doesn’t have to be expensive. Once the kids are in bed for the night, light some candles. Toss a salad and enjoy a romantic dinner for two.
  5. Scan Photos and Make a Digital Album - It’s a good idea to have family photos backed up. Since the process is time consuming, evening hours are perfect for creating a digital album. You can share your photos with friends and loved ones, and relax knowing that your photos are backed-up in permanent files. 
  6. Bake Cookies, a Cake, or a Pie - The quiet evening hours are a wonderful time to cook or bake. If you’re with your partner, why not make a cooking video? You’ll have fun, create a delicious treat, and capture some interesting moments!
  7. Go to the (Online) Library - Now that there are little ones in the house it isn’t always easy to get to the local library. The good news is that you can visit a virtual library, often for free, and checkout some great literature to read on your mobile device. 
  8. Have a Movie Marathon - Just decide on a special theme! Choose some great classics, a trilogy, or animated films from your childhood. Then pop some corn. Cosy up on the sofa with your spouse, or friends, and enjoy hours of blockbuster favourites. 
  9. Make Plans for the Future - A quiet evening at home (while the children sleep) is the perfect time to make plans. Whether you’re writing your bucket list or setting financial goals, making plans is a productive way to spend an evening.

If these ten ideas aren’t enough you can rearrange furniture, put a puzzle together, organize a cabinet or wardrobe, write a letter (or book), take an online class, start a new hobby, or go dancing in your lounge-room. Whatever you decide, there are so many fun ways to enjoy yourself while the kids are sleeping!

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