Affordable Pretty Summer Maternity Dresses

Even though I'm not pregnant, I can't help but love all of the beautiful clothes that are made for women who are. I think there was a time when it was hard to find something that looked 'beautiful' to wear whilst being heavily pregnant, but long gone are those days! Now there is just so much choice for pregnant women and there's is no need at all for any sort of compromise when it comes to style or for comfort!

Here are some examples of maternity dresses that are just perfect for the summertime.

Oh and if you are currently pregnant yourself and actually looking for a nice summer dress then you'll be pleased to know that all of my picks are totally affordable -  all coming in at under £20 each and some are even less than a tenner (BARGAIN ALERT!) :)

Which is your favourite? Mine's the third along on the top row! It's so pretty!

Post in association with George at ASDA, all words are of course my own!

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  1. definitely agree that the 3rd on the top row is fab :) http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/