What's in our swim bag?

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Hi guys!

Today I thought I would give you all a little look inside of our swim bag! Because, well, why not!? :O)

As part of our Konfidence Swimologist role we go swimming on a Thursday morning with a local baby swim club called SwimKidz! It's really helping to build Mr E's confidence in the water up as well as mine! I would never have taken him swimming by myself before we started on the course - but look at me now!

If you don't already go to a baby swim club, but you're thinking about doing it.. I totally recommended you to go! It's so much fun!

Here's what we take to swimming every week...

As we are Swimologists for Konfidence we pretty much have everything by them - I absolutely love and recommended their products! I can't actually believe we didn't own their stuff before we started our role with them!

From them we have a Roll & Go babychanger, which I lay Ethan on to get changed and dressed (it's non slip and much more hygienic then just using the standard baby change table!), a body warmer (my fave item - it keeps Ethan warm and looks super cute!), and two swim nappies which all nicely match ;) If you're looking for swimming gear for your own little one I seriously do recommend you visit http://www.konfidence.co.uk and have a little look at what they've got to offer. I couldn't imagine using any other brand!

Asides from that I have my swimming costume which is really nice if I do say so myself! It's from M&S and was about £35 or something like that. It's reeeally nice on and the ruffles in the stomach area hide my little mum tum!

I also take nappies, wipes and nappy bags to change Ethans nappy! And some snacks in the form of rice cakes and a drink for after his swim! Apart from that I take my phone, underwear for me (nice!) and a pound to use the locker! Oh and my purse - for if I fancy a tea/coffee after. So pretty minimal stuff really!

The bag is from The Camouflage Company, they kindly sent it to me a while ago and I think it makes a perfect swim bag. (though it can be used for pretty much everything!) The bag is water-resistant and easy to wipe clean hence why I use it for swimming! There are pockets inside which I use to store my phone in and my pound coin! The bag I use is this this one!
So there you have it - that's what's inside of our swim bag!


  1. We are only now starting to take LP swimming anf I hadn't even thought to get a swimming bag - Great idea. Thanks! x

  2. So well organised! I haven't taken Finnie swimming here in the UK yet, as he doesn't seem to love being in the water yet. Hopefully when he's a little bigger he'll take to it more :) x