Cool Clothing Ideas for Kids

One of the best things about being a parent is that you get to dress your kids exactly how you want to. That is, until they reach the age where they officially become embarrassed by your sartorial choices and decide to take control of their own apparel But until then their wardrobe is in your hands, and what better way to dress your kids than in some of the coolest styles around.
Urban Apparel
If your little one is a budding skater or graffiti artist in the making, you’ll more than likely want to dress them to impress when they’re hanging with the local art crew (read: finger painting) down at the play park. There’s only one way to do urban apparel for kids, and that’s by heading over to Skate Hut to check out their awesome line of wheeled trainers and alternative sporting goodies.
Hipster Chic
Hipster fashion has been all the rage for a while, but it’s the daring parent who raises the style stakes for their little hipster by dressing them in the fashion of the decade. But don’t go full hipster if you can help it – this fashion can be a little extreme at times and some of the styles, such as full beards, might not suit a toddler. Instead, think lumberjack shirts, braces and logo tees for effortless cool mixed with a healthy dose of cute.
Suit Jacket and Shorts
Believe it or not but short suits are actually coming into fashion for big men as well as little. Wearing a pair of tailored shorts with a matching suit or sports jacket is the perfect way to transition formal wear into summer style, providing the perfect blend of both couture and cool. If you’ve got a snazzy party to go to, why not try this style out on your little one? They’ll look totally adorable running around in their very own short suit.
Animal Onesies
There is literally nothing cuter than animal onesies, and the best part is that adults can wear them too. Animal onesies are the perfect choice for just about any activity a person can think of, from lounging around at home to attending sleepovers, playing at the park or going to fancy dress parties. For an extra dose of uber-cool, make sure your kid is wearing what’s known as a ‘Kigurumi’ – this Japanese word refers to the traditional costumed theatre performers who would represent animals on stage, and is also now the term for a particularly awesome style of Japanese animal onesie.
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