Ways to Incorporate a Book Theme into your Child’s Bedroom

If your child is never happier than when they’re curled up with a book, or they love it when bedtime story time comes around, using this big passion in their life when it comes to decorating their bedroom can be really lovely.
Even if your child isn’t quite at that stage yet, or you’d love them to have more of an interest in reading, this can be a really great venture to spark imagination in your child whilst making their room look great. We’ve put together a list of some ideas for incorporating a book/fairy tale theme into your child’s bedroom.
Make the book shelf a main feature of the room
All great books need a great place to display them from. You don’t have to pay a fortune for a decent bookcase, but if you do want one that will last, it’s also worth paying slightly more than the cheapest ones available. We absolutely love this white one from IKEA and there’s even room to store other items on there as well as books too which is really handy for all of those toys! Also, bookends are a great organisational idea – we love these Peter Rabbit ones from John Lewis
Think about soft furnishings
As well as the obvious things like bedspreads and cushions, think outside the box by investing in some other soft furnishings to help make your child’s room nice and comfy and cosy, all the while whilst paying homage to the theme. Opt for squishy bean bag chairs in a print with their favourite book quotes on or characters; rugs from their favourite books and even curtains! There are some great Roald Dahl printed curtains available if you click here, along with lots of other interesting curtain fabrics. 
Use interesting lighting elements
As well as just using lovely lampshades and nightlights, think about even cheaper ways you can use lighting in your child’s bedroom to make a huge impact. The best thrifty-friendly example we found was on Pinterest where a crafter had cut out a stencil of Peter Pan and positioned it over their child’s lampshade. This meant that when the light was on as it grew dark, a big Peter Pan shadow casts over the wall, just like in the fill! Your kids are bound to love this and as it won’t cost you a penny, you’ll no doubt be a fan, too! 
Pay attention to little, special details
Kids love the little things as well as the big things, so it’s a great idea to think about other amazing finds you can use in the room to help have an overall impact. What about things like a little fairy-sized door for the skirting board to cover up plug sockets, complete with a teeny ladder? Or for something a little larger, wall decal stickers in their favourite print? We like these Owl and the Pussycat vinyl wall stickers from the much loved poem, which can be a great starting point for introducing your little ones to poetry, too! 
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  1. Books are a feature in both children's bedrooms in our house, we love reading and the only time they really spend in their rooms apart from asleep is when we're reading books! x

  2. I would like a bedroom based on Frozen :o) x

  3. We used Little Red Riding Hood as the theme for our baby girl's bedroom. I like how original it turned out. You can see how it looks here: http://www.tinyfootsteps.co.uk/2014/05/jasmines-nursery-tour.html xx