5 Things you Should put on your To-do List for your Loved Ones

Family, friends and even colleagues all make up the kaleidoscope of individuals that have touched our hearts and our funny bones, resulting in the forging of long-lasting connections. While it is incredibly painful to confront the possibility that one day, you may have to leave these people behind, this is an inescapable reality that we all face. So, ask yourself, have you prepared for this? What will you leave behind? To eliminate unnecessary stress and further heartache, consider implementing the below five recommendations. It could mean the world of difference for your loved ones.

1. Write your Will

A will is one of the most important documents that you will write in your lifetime. From your collection of fine jewellery to monetary sums, it legally defines who will receive which of your belongings after you are gone. Having a will can prevent misunderstandings and arguments while ensuring everyone gets appropriate and much-needed closure.

2. Invest in Life Insurance

Morbid but realistic, life insurance is a popular choice for those that wish to financially provide for their families in the event of their passing. This is especially relevant if you are the breadwinner for your family. Make an informed choice by researching the available options - don’t start paying for something unless you know exactly what you are getting in return!

3. Consider a Funeral Plan

Similar to life insurance, we’ve all seen the television advertisements for funeral plans that pose tough questions such as How will my family cope without me? Who will pay the funeral bills? The simple fact is that funerals are not cheap; they cost thousands and thousands of dollars and add a further weight to the burden carried by a grieving family. A funeral plan paid over a period of time can mean that your family can concentrate on the most important thing: remembering and celebrating your life.

4. Store all your Important Documents Together

Sometimes, a little effort can have a big impact. Something as simple as collating all your important legal and confidential documents in the one accessible place will mean that your family or friends don’t need to go through a potentially painful and frustrating search process. While a popular option is to store these documents in a safety deposit box, depending on the institution where it is stored, having it opened after your death could prove to be no easy feat. A newly emerging alternative is to use online cloud storage, meaning that your files can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It sure beats making the trip to a bank or lawyer’s office and digital defence specialists such as Your Digital File ( www.yourdigitalfile.com/ ) have produced specialised high-security cloud storage products that will ensure that you and your family and friends receive peace of mind as well as convenience.

5. Cherish your Time

Finally – and this is the most obvious point, not to mention the easiest to implement – always remember to spend quality time with the special people in your life. Express your feelings however you feel most comfortable; say how you feel, write a letter, give gifts or just be with your loved ones. Not much more can be said!
What do you think also belongs on this list? Do you have any stories or personal experiences to share? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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