Life Lately

I haven't written one of these posts in a while, but sometimes it's nice to just take a moment, sit and re-cap..!

So lets do just that..

Where to start..? Ah yes - we're booked in for a holiday in Dorset a week from today (we are reviewing for Parkdean) and we're SO looking forward to it! Life's has been so hectic lately, it has been probably ever since we moved house. Sometimes Adam and I feel like we have such a lack of time, sometimes we just really want to sit and do, well.. just nothing at all. Asides from taking care of Ethan, the cats and the house, it does seem to be a case of if Adams' not at his full time job, I'm at work, if I'm not at work, he's working on his business, if he's not working on his business I'm working on my blog. So a holiday at this particular moment in time is very much welcome. 

And what else.. oh! - I recently had a scan on my stomach (nooo, not pregnant, before conclusions are jumped).. I had been having quite horrible pains on the left side of my stomach quite low down and I was thinking the worst (and Googling a lot - as you do!). Fortunately, the scan came back as all fine which was obviously a relief but I did get to find out something else.. Apparently I have a womb that is tilted backwards! (Who knew?!!) Apparently it's very unlikely to cause me or any future baby (or babies?) any issues, so nothing to worry about there!

Did you know.. the one thing (or one of the things) I've always wanted to do is to see Eminem live - please don't all boo at once haha! He's a very talented man and also perhaps rather quite scrummy! ;) (Yes - I did just say that!) Whilst having my scan actually, I received a text from my service provider to say that there were additional tickets going to see him live in Wembley. Being that I absolutely HAVE to see Eminem live and in the flesh at some point in my life we decided we'd go. Sadly when we got home all the best tickets had gone and with the ones that we're left he would have looked almost pea-size. So we decided to leave it! And try again next time.! Ah well..  there's always the next best thing, Lee Evans at The O2!

And what else? Oh yes - we are loving our new car! Which I posted about a week or so ago. It was a nice little upgrade to our Astra and a nice reward for my Hubby who'd wanted it for a long time and has worked so hard building up his side-business.

Oh and I can't go without a special mention to Game of Thrones.. it's been AMAZING this series..! And I am SO looking forward to the season finale tonight! Have any of you been watching too?



  1. I saw Eminem live a few years ago, I loved him! x

  2. I've always wanted to see Eminem live too. One day...


  3. I'm seeing Lee Evans this year too! I saw him a couple of years ago and he was brilliant, you'll love it :)
    Bea x
    As Seen By Bea

  4. Game of Thrones was just awesome! I won't say much in case you haven't yet seen it! So sad we have to wait another year for the next series!