5 Pregnancy related things I would have liked to have tried

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1. Pregnancy pillow: I don't know why I didn't get one of these! I'm one of those people who, perhaps very strangely sleep with a pillow between my legs as my knees feel horrible together if I lay on my side to sleep. So when I was pregnant I should have opted for the comfort that a pregnancy pillow could have offered me. Through websites such as pregnancypillows.net you can even design your own!*
2. Birth ball: I didn't really need one of these, but it would have been fun to try out. I've heard that they are great for labour and also during pregnancy to help position the baby,
3. Pregnancy diary : I'm a big fan of the MUMS pregnancy diary found here.  It has everything you could possibly need to document your pregnancy in detail and of course it would have made a perfect keepsake. Wish I'd known about this one pre-baby!
4. 3D/4D Scan - I would have loved to experience seeing Ethan in more detail inside my womb when I was pregnant. The ultrasounds are great but I also wanted to see more. Maybe next time if we have another baby!
5. Belly bandit - I saw Anna Saccone use this for both of her babies and it seems to have worked really well for her. Well, that, and breastfeeding. I would perhaps like to try this next time around!
What do you think of my choices? What would you have liked to try during pregnancy that you didn't before? 


  1. I had the birthing ball & diary (with a pic every week inserted), like you I don't know why I didn't buy the pregnancy pillow,next time round I will. The 3d scans freak me out a little,so didn't opt for that & I'm def going to try the belly bandit next time....I breastfed for 6.5 months and my belly didn't go down,doesn't work for everyone!!So I'm hoping the belly bandit will do the trick! Xxx

  2. im 28 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and i havent had any of these with both pregnancies. im thinking of getting a birth ball this time though!

  3. I found a angled pillow to be a real help when my bump needed a bit of support lying in bed, but I think I'd go for a proper pregnancy once next time. I agree with A Little Londoner though, 3d scans creep me out a bit... and perhaps ruin the surprise with too much detail xx

  4. I had a pregnancy diary, but around 4-5 months I forgot about it. I wish I had kept up with it, but I was really too busy with work and doctor appointments and keeping up with my blog and just life in general.

    I also really wanted to try the belly bandit, but didn't have the money to swing one. My tummy didn't get too big though (I never bought maternity pants, my baby was only 5lbs 12 oz, and I didn't get any stretch marks). I breastfed for only two weeks, but even that helped a ton in the beginning. But I do still have a tiny "mummy tummy", I guess a little pouch left over. I'm sure it will go away in time with exercise, but I think next time I'm going to try a little harder to get the belly bandit. I just hear it works wonders!!

  5. I didn't have a pregnancy pillow with my first pregnancy but by 22 weeks with my second I totally caved and tried one.. It was amazing! :)