Sometimes I get so caught up.

Sometimes I fall under the pressure of the jobs in the house. 

Sometimes I become almost demonic with perfecting silly ornaments in the house like I have some crazy OCD. 

Sometimes I stare intently at a bit of fluff on the carpet whilst my Husband is talking to me, desperate to go and pick it up. 

Sometimes I don't listen enough. 

Sometimes I talk more than I listen.

Sometimes I don't talk enough. 

Sometimes I let everything get on top of me. I do this far too often. 

Sometimes I feel more stressed out than I actually thought was possible to be.

Sometimes I just wish the house was perfect, that there was nothing left to do in it so that we could focus our efforts on just each other. 

Sometimes I want to scream when Ethan won't go to bed and it's 9pm and I am trying to have a little 'me' time - that time is now. But then I realise that it's not worth stressing over.. so what he's crawling around the living room in his grow bag pulling the sky box out? - No-one died. 

Sometimes I wish I could be that perfect Mum and perfect Wife, who never gets stressed, keeps a perfect house and is super-organised. 

Sometimes I wish I was smarter, that I 'knew' things.. I'm working on this.. I just sat and learnt about the oceans of the world.. (it's the small steps..)

Sometimes I want to sit and reflect, reflect again and then reflect some more. 

Sometimes I need to remember how insanely lucky I am and to remember just how many wonderful things have happened to me, some of which blow my mind. 

Sometimes I just need to sit and look at photos like this and realise that a dirty kitchen floor, a pile of washing, an hours wait at the Doctors, an unfinished house and all those other bloody daily bugbears..well they are just absolutely nothing. 

Not even a tiny dot in the ocean compared to them.

My family and I. This is what truly means something and well..

Sometimes.. I just need to remember that more.


  1. Alex this is a beautiful post! I can completely relate to all you have said. I have got a bit of OCD and worry about the small things but when I look at the girls or get a squeeze (cuddle) from them I think why did I worry or moan. You have a beautiful family hun xx

  2. Totally relate to this xx

  3. Gorgeous photo and great post. Sometimes we all need to remember that more! x

  4. Amen! I need to remember this too! x

  5. I can totally relate to this. I feel like I've done the cleaning and tidying but then it needs doing again within a matter of hours. I def need to remember this x

  6. Aw lovely post Alex! It's so good to remember that at the end of the day (no matter how un productive/stressful) we always have so much to be grateful for :) x

  7. Great post, Can definitely relate to everything you mentioned :) x

  8. So true Alex. It's that old saying, don't sweat the small stuff, which at times is super hard!xx

  9. aww such a lovely post!
    I think we are all guilty of some of the things above at some point and we all need to just stop and think for a moment.
    Great post.


  10. it all looks very nice, nice pictures, nice family...

  11. I can completely relate to this!! Xx