Spa day outing or pampering at home?

Spas have existed in one form or another since pre-historic times. Archaeologists have discovered Bronze Age artefacts near hot springs throughout Europe and the hot springs located in Bath, England, were a destination for ancient Celts before the Romans made it so famous. Beginning as a place for purification and bathing, the modern spa has now become a place to visit to rejuvenate and be pampered. Today, day spas have made it possible to enjoy the health benefits, beauty benefits and general relaxation of visiting a spa available year-round from the cities to the suburbs. Modern technology and dermatological advances have made it possible to enjoy most of the treatments and services available at a day spa from the comfort of home.

Spa day versus at-home pampering

The obvious difference between visiting a day spa and pampering one’s self at home is location and cost. A visit to a day spa frequently requires an appointment, particularly if a specific treatment such as massage is desired. A day spent at a spa is also somewhat structured based on what treatments are desired and substitutions or changes once the day has commenced can be difficult.

Indulging in a spa day at home can occur at any time and be composed of a series of treatments, or simply a facial or tub soak. Pampering one’s self at home can be relatively unstructured, other than when the treatment requires that certain steps be followed, and can be easily interrupted if necessary. Creating a relaxing spa day at home also offers the advantage of relaxing in a degree of privacy that a day spa simply cannot offer.

Creating a day spa experience at-home

What makes a spa a spa is the water-based treatments ranging from the basic whirlpool tub to saunas, steam rooms and other types of soaking pools. Many of these therapeutic and relaxing treatments can be easily recreated at home with a little planning and ingenuity.

Steams are a popular spa treatment that not only benefit the skin by clearing out toxins, but also help hydrate the airways and are a great way to enjoy the full benefit of essential oils and aromas. Steaming water and a towel are all that is needed for a refreshing facial steam, or use the shower to enjoy a full-body steam treatment. 

An inexpensive Epsom salt bath is a great way to relax and sooth the body while purifying the skin. Two cups of Epsom salt and some essential oil such as lavender make for a relaxing and rejuvenating soak. In addition to soaking in tubs of warm or salted water, day spas offer other types of spa treatments for the whole body, including wraps, scrubs and soaks in nutrient-rich mud or mineral-infused water. Natural clay, seaweed and sea salt are popular substances used in many day spa body treatments, as is heat in the form of warm towel wraps.

Facial treatments are an integral part of any spa visit. Cleansing scrubs, microdermabrasion scrubs and purifying masks can be followed up with soothing creams, phytoceramides and other antioxidants.

What do you tend to do? Visit a spa or pamper yourself at home?

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  1. I'd love to visit a spa but for the moment it is a long hot soak, a face mask, hair mask and lots of bubbles x

  2. If money was no option I'd choose spa day every time! x