Rainy Day Activities for Kids

My Son's not really classed as a 'kid' just yet, he fits into the 'baby' category. But I like to think about the future, I like to think about the type of things we'll get up to, places we'll go, things we'll see. I always imagine that we'll take picnics, visit the zoo, explore forests, play in the park for hours.. but I always forget to factor in one thing.. the rain!
I personally love the rain, but it's not great for doing many of the above so I've had a little think and I've come up with some rainy day activities that I look forward to doing with Ethan when he's a little older..

  • Splashing in muddy puddles.. We'll get out our wellies and we'll go exploring under an umbrella looking for the biggest puddles to splash in.. just like Peppa Pig :)

  • Colouring.. I spent many hours as a child myself 'trying to keep in the lines' through many a colouring book.. I can't wait to do the same with Ethan.

  • Mastering puzzles and playing board games.. My Mum and I would spend so long doing puzzles together when I was young, it really gets the brain thinking and it's so much fun. Just as playing board games together is! 'Guess Who' was my personal favourite, who remembers that?

  • Learning - I'm a big geek, I love to learn and I hope Ethan will be the same. These days there are so many digital educational websites about that help us teach our children at home from a young age, places like you-and-me.co.uk have some great resources on offer. 

  • Learning to photograph - I want to teach Ethan to use a camera from an early age, photography is a wonderful way to keep memories forever and I hope he shares my interest in it. 

  • Making dens and role-playing - We all had such wild imaginations as children and I expect and hope that Ethans imagination will be just the same, it will be so much fun to set up camps, make dens and pretend we're building a castle when he's a bit older. 

  • Crafting - Oh I haven't done crafting in so long! Ethan being at the age to start crafting will be so much fun! We'll make thank you cards, birthday cards, christmas cards, they'll be glitter everywhere! Websites like papercutz.co.uk  have so many options for crafters offering all different types of paper and much much more. Ordering online from places like Paper Cutz is also great for keeping the price down.

I can't wait for what the future has to bring! It's going to be so exciting. 

What are your favourite activities to do with your children on a rainy day?

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  1. What great ideas! I remember splashing in puddles when I was younger! Ahhh the simple things in life =)

  2. Great post and lovely ideas. I love how splashing in muddy puddles is top of the list! x

  3. Lots of great ideas :-) Splashing is so much fun!
    Anneka x