Making Money Go Further | The £50 Bank Holiday Frugal Challenge

Blinds Supermarket recently asked me.. "How far can £50 go?"

My first thought was.. not very far these days. Considering a meal out can cost that and over for us lately. And considering that my weekly shop now tops £100! It's insane I know!

But determined to prove we can still get good value for our money, Blinds Supermarket set me a challenge and I accepted. 

What would I buy? I thought... The theme was 'bank holiday'.. I wanted to think outside the box.
I had a long hard think.. where could I get value for money?.. and then it hit me! ... IKEA! 

We are obviously in the middle of redecorating our house after just moving in and so off we went to IKEA to see how far we could stretch our £50!

Here's how we got on...

I was actually amazed at how far £50 got us in IKEA, we managed to completely transform our bathroom.. 

The mirror was just £16! I think it really helps to open up our bathroom! We don't have any windows in our bathroom so using a mirror like this has really transformed the room. Find the same mirror here.
Next we brought a glass shelf to go above our sink, again this is mega cheap at just £12! It looks modern, clean, gives extra storage and is great for stopping the sink looking so cluttered! Find it here.

So thats two items that totalled £28 that have completely transformed our bathroom! How amazing is that?!
So with £22 left to spend we opted.. for something that would give us some extra space!..
For £20 we picked up this shoe cabinet for our landing! We already have one downstairs for our everyday shoes and it's fantastic, so we purchased one for our 'special occasion overflow' shoes and it's freed up lots of space in our wardrobe for more clothes now! Yay!.. hehe ;) Find the shoe cabinet: here.

So for £48 we managed to get all of the above! What an absolute bargain! We even had £2 left over at the end for a nice hot cup of tea to help us relax after all that bargain hunting! :)
Where do you go to pick up a bargain?
*This post is in association with Blinds Supermarket, they kindly provided us with £50 to spend to take part in this challenge.


  1. Wow you did get some right old bargains x

  2. I love IKEA! I could literally spend all day in there and buy one of everything! I love that shoe cupboard especially, looks nice and big too!


  3. I love the mirror what a bargain. I might have to hunt this down for my room.
    Clearly shoe storage is an essential. I need something than to just stack them all up in boxes.
    I hope you used that change to buy an ice-cream on the way out of Ikea..that's the law.

  4. Wow like how is that Mirror £16 amazing great job !!!!!

    Daddy Space – UK Parenting lifestyle blog

  5. I absolutely love Ikea - You did really well for £50! x

  6. Love the shoe cabinet! Ive been thinking we need one for our hallway x