Have you got a Holiday booked this year?

Have you got a holiday booked this year?..

We actually don't. We haven't really ever been the holidaying type, well that was before last year when we had our first 'family' holiday with Ethan, which was just so much fun. 

I think when you're a parent, you kind of need to start having holidays if you didn't before. Life can be very chaotic and there's usually firm daily routines in place that can sometimes become all a bit much. So a holiday away as a family can just help everyone to refresh, restart and obviously reconnect. 

I'd love a holiday this year - I think my Hubby and I could really do with one right now, but we've thrown all of our money into doing up our new house this year. So I suspect it'll next year that we do get to take a proper break and get away somewhere nice. We will probably stick to days out here and there throughout the summer, which will still be really fun. :) I absolutely cannot wait until the Summer! 

Anyway the main reason for this post is that I wanted to share a short video with you from Monsoon. If you are going away this year then it's got lots of great inspiration for holiday packing. They always have such lovely things though don't they?! Click below to have a little watch. 

I'd love to know your favourite thing from the video and I'd also love to know where you're going away on Holiday (if you are) this year so please leave me a comment below. :) x


*This post is in association with Monsoon. 


  1. Oh I love going on holiday, I'd go every week if I could! :) xxx

  2. Ah I need a holiday, we aren't going this year either because we too have spent lots on the house :( x
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  3. We've been waiting for Abbie to be a bit older before we go on holiday, we know she won't remember it but we want her to be more independent and I think this year is the year to do it :), I think we'll stay local and have a weekend away to Cornwall or something, somewhere very close to the beach! x

  4. We're moving house in June and all spare funds are going on that at the moment so no holiday for us either this year! Secretly though, i'm not overly fussed as the thought of travelling with 2 under 2 fills me with dread especially as Riley's such a livewire, i'd rather wait until they're both old enough to properly enjoy it! xxx
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