The A to Z of U & I

(A) Alex. You know me as Mummy but my other name is Alex (or Alexandra if I'm feeling posh!).

(B) Bot bots. You love your milk.

(C) Cats. We have a small army of them. By that I really mean just the four.

(D) Dad. He's an awesome person and a brilliant Daddy.

(E) Eat. You like to do this, a lot.

(F) Fart. Yep, you tend to do this every morning when you wake up as a habit.

(G) Grandparents. An excellent source for a bit of a break for Mum and Dad.

(H) Hair. Pulling my hair is, to you, the funniest thing in the entire world.

(I) Independence. If something is to be done, you like to do it yourself.

(J) Juice. A drop of juice in the sippy cup always goes down well.

(K) Kiss. I'm trying to teach you this one, but for now I just steal lots from you. ;)

(L) Love. I have so much for you.

(M) Mum, mum, mum, mum. Your favourite thing to say!

(N) "NO!" This seems to be hilarious to you.

(O) Okay. The word that follows a hundred "no"s after I've given up trying to tell you not to do something.

(P) Peppa Pig. Your absolute favourite thing right now (apart from me, of course).

(Q) Quiet. What does that word even mean anymore?

(R) Racer. You're an absolute boy racer in your baby walker. I know you'll love the trike that we've got your for your first birthday.

(S) Summer. We can't wait, you love being outside.

(T) Toes. God, yours are so cute!

(U) Unconditional. The love that Mummys and Daddys feel for their babies.

(V) Vegetarian. That's what we are proud to be.

(W) Wheels. You are obsessed with anything that has wheels.

(X) X-ray. For no other reason, then 'X' is far too hard of a letter to come up with anything else.

(Y) You. Are my world.

(Z) Zz. Mummy is always tired!