Live for Now

My mind these days in mostly a happy place. I like to take the time out to be grateful for the things in my life and to be thankful. I'm not a religious person in the slightest, but for the good things that happen in my life and to my friends and family I am grateful and I like to take the time out to appreciate all of the good, no matter how big or small. 
As part of this thought process, I like to seize the moment. To embrace the now. To live for now. Make new memories everyday, live those memories and capture them via whatever means possible be that digital or else. Living for now is so important in so many ways, here's a reminder of why..
Live for now as..
- you're so much better than you know
- you only have one life
- tomorrow may never come

Live for now as..
- somebody looks up to you
- you are loved by many
- you have so many strengths 
Live for now as.. 
- you're making memories 
- you're not getting any younger
- your moment is now

This post is in association with the new Pepsi Max 'live for now' campaign. 

Find out more about the livefornow hashtag and Peps Max's latest campaign below by watching unsuspecting people take the sensory experience through the Max Cube in the video below! 


  1. Alex you are so beautiful, what a nice post yes in life are so many things to be grateful, started that we are alive ! so is really important to give us the space to just thinck in all that woderful things we have in life !
    Ethan is so big and cute, he is so handsome ! and your hair so beautiful, can you tell me what you do to have that color? (if you do higlights, and the toner you use)

    all my belissings for you and your family, you have a really nice blog !


    1. Aw thank you. I have had a good few years of highlights and some times lowlights. I'm not sure what my hairdresser uses exactly, I just ask for highlights and she does it. Thank you for your lovely comment :) x