Guest Post: Gender Determination Ultrasound: Know Your Baby’s Gender

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Discover your baby’s gender as early as 14 weeks gestation with a private gender scan. With 95% accuracy and 100% suspense, you won’t be able to wait. 

Waiting until that momentous day when your little miracles arrives, can seem like a long time to find out if you’re having a baby boy or girl. You want to start narrowing down names and buying gender-specific outfits; picking colour schemes for the nursery and purchasing pink or blue furniture. Having a baby is exciting in itself; do you really need the added anticipation of not knowing?

There’s the 20-week scan of course, otherwise known as the anomaly scan, but why wait until you’re halfway through your pregnancy to find out your baby’s gender when you can know as early as 14 weeks. A private gender scan allows you to know the gender of your unborn baby very early on in your pregnancy.
So what are the benefits of knowing your baby’s gender in advance?  How will knowing if you’re team pink or team blue prepare you for the arrival of your little one?
gender scan London, 14 week ultrasound gender, baby gender ultrasound, gender determination ultrasound, private gender scan, baby gender test,

Eliminate Half Your Names
Knowing your baby’s gender will allow you to dismiss half of your options. If, for example, you have five boy names and five girl names, you can easily get rid of five and try and decide between the remaining five names.  

Make Shopping Easier
Family and friends will no doubt want to buy gifts for your baby, either for the birth or the baby shower. Shopping will be less hassle for them if they can branch out from unisex baby clothes and instead purchase gender-based items.  Knowing whether you’re having a little prince or princess will definitely make shopping easier for you as a parent as well. 

Have a Definitive Answer 
You’ll no doubt have an abundance of people, from friends and family to work colleagues and shop assistants, asking if you know the gender of your baby. A gender determination ultrasound will allow you to provide a solid answer for this inevitable question.

No Need to Say
A baby gender ultrasound will give you the green light to shop for gender-specific clothes. If your baby is dressed head-to-toe in pink or blue, you won’t have to constantly tell people whether your little darling is a boy or a girl when people see him or her for the first time. 

“He” or “She”
After a baby gender test, the language you will use during your pregnancy will be different. Rather than referring to your foetus as “it” or “the baby”, you can instead use “he” or “she”. This could make you feel like you have a closer bond with your baby. 

Plan a Themed Nursery
The earlier you know the gender of your baby, the sooner you can start decorating your nursery. Perhaps you don’t want to stick to gender neutral colours including beige, cream, yellow and white, maybe you wish to have a pretty, pink room or a beautiful, blue room. After discovering the gender of your baby, you can paint the nursery appropriately. 

Author’s Bio:  Do you want to find out the gender of your baby as soon as possible? With a baby gender ultrasound scan, you can. Book in for a gender identification scan at the London Ultrasound Centre, a private pregnancy scanning clinic in central London. Visit the website for more information

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  1. I left mine to surprise! But I can see the benefits of knowing

  2. Having both found out for the second, but not for the first, I really don't know what I preferred!

  3. I'm due my second baby in 4 days and we have kept it a surprise. My patience is wearing thin though and I am longing to find out if it's a boy or girl so I can go shopping!

  4. That's great and happy to know. Good luck Alex!

  5. i found out what i was going to have, glad i did now

  6. I would definitely leave it to be a surprise xx

  7. Having already a boy and girl, when it came to our third pregnancy, we were both desperate to know whether we were having a boy or girl! We really wanted to know, and we went for a private ultrasound scan which included a DVD recording of the scan set to music - it's fantastic! It was the best thing we did and finding out we were expecting a little girl was just amazing! We floated home on a cloud!

  8. we are going to find out so we can plan, but are waiting for the twenty week, which seems like an eternity!

  9. I wanted the sex of both my babies to be surprises :)

    Natalie Gillham