Enjoy a Winter Sport Holiday whilst you Work

Who's been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics? 

Well if you have, you may be feeling a little sad that the Winter Olympics are coming to an end on Sunday. There are people all around the world who may even begin to experience the Olympic Winter Blues.

To combat this an innovative app has been created that allows people to find remote working spaces and offices which allow individuals to do their day job and then enjoy an afternoon skiing or skating - pretty awesome if you ask me! If you're a remote worker then you'll know already that you have the amazing freedom to work anywhere you like, so why not take advantage of this and go somewhere you can enjoy a fun and thrilling winter sport?

This site has been created as a Google mash up that combines remote working locations and local ski and skate locations that enables you to enjoy the winter sports throughout the year. Olympic Hangovers will host the mash up, allowing people to enter in other locations and resorts they know that will allow people to enjoy the winter Olympics after it has ended. Allowing you to enjoy a winter sport holiday whilst working - Sounds pretty damn awesome, don't you think? :)

Find out more here: www.winterworking.co.uk

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