Tips for Throwing a Party With Friends Before the Christmas Rush Begins!

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There's nothing like a good excuse to hang out with friends! And throwing a bit of a get together just before all of the Christmas rush begins is a brilliant excuse to gather all of your friends around you!

Schedule your party for around the start of the month, most people are paid at the end of the month so there'll be less excuses for people not to come, like not being able to afford 'that' dress or a couple of bottles for the party. Aiming for the start of the month also means that other peoples schedules are less likely to be already jammed up with other commitments.

Guest List, do you want a big party or a casual evening with friends? Make a guest list to help you figure this out. Then once you know who you want to come, figure out how you'll be inviting them. Private Facebook event for invited members only, text message, a phone call, word of mouth, formal invitation?

Sending Invites:  If you're opting to send invites then do so a few weeks in advance. Aside from the usual who, what, where and when, let guests know if you are serving food, whether they should bring a small gift to exchange at the party and whether they should dress up. I came across a nifty little Facebook app the other day by Fancy Dress Ball which enables you to plan an event, pick a theme, invite your friends and pick your outfits, it's pretty cool - definitely worth checking out, as you can organise all this in one place and stay better organised.

Menu: Decide on a menu. Cook? Cater? Order in? Finger food and snacks? Remember to get in some Holiday drinks to keep everyone in good spirit. For great party food ideas, take a look at some easy to make recipes like these red onion and brie tarts bbc.co.uk.

Decorations: With Christmas approaching, festive decorations are a must. Check out your local discount stores for some cheaper Christmas decs to give your party that festive feel.

Music and Games: Stuck for ideas for music? Why not have a browse of YouTube to find yourself some party music inspiration. Party games will give your party that 'fun' atmosphere, pick games that are easily set up and easy for all to understand. 
Get creative with your party and most importantly enjoy it! 

Will you be holding any festive parties?

Lots of Love,