Birchbox // November

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Before now, I had never relished in the utter excitement that is opening any sort of monthly beauty box full of surprise girly goodies. Birchbox, November, was my very first! And as it arrived at my front door, the excitement came, the same excitement that I would compare to waking up as a child on Christmas Day with a sack full of presents pressing down on your toes. 

You see, for me, the key thing with beauty boxes, be it Birchbox or Glossy Box or any sort of other box, is the element of surprise and the girly goodies tucked away inside. 

Inside of my treasure box were the fabulous products you see above, my favourites being the ivory lace highlighter pencil and the Laura Mercier body butter (which smells divine). The Birchbox pencil sharpener was a great addition for me personally as I was in need of a new one. The tea samples we're great, though I hadn't expected to find them in there as I had assumed it would consist purely of beauty related items. The perfume sample, English Laundry by Christopher Wicks is a really lovely scent, I was pleased to have the opportunity to own a little tester spray, as it's probably not something I would have ever got round to sampling.

Overall I'm really pleased with all of the items inside this months Birchbox. I'd probably have liked another full size item, but what I did get was a lot for a box that is £10 a month, considering the price of beauty these days. Am I beauty box fan? I'd have to say yes, the sheer excitement of what wonderful and interesting little goodies that I'll find within is what has me.  

Do you sign up to any beauty boxes? 

Lots of Love, 


  1. I love the idea of beauty boxes but I prefer ones where you know exactly what you'll get before hand like the Latest in Beauty Glamour box. There are some lovely products in this one though! xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  2. Glossybox is one beautybox that I like very much:) Feels like christmas every time.