Are your Pets a Part of Your Family?

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ― Anatole France

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I've never lived in a house without pets, and I hope that I never will. Ethan, Adam and I live with four cats right now, whose names are, Sammy, Sooty, Shadow (pictured below) and Charlie. More on them here

For me personally, as an animal lover, a house isn't a home without a pet. Our cats make the place lively - they make us laugh with all of the silly little things that they do, they keep me busy, clearing up after them when they bring in.. mud, leaves, mice.. (yeah, nobody said that it was easy) - they keep us warm and brighten our days when they curl up on our laps, rubbing their heads  towards ours. They mean they world to us. They are a part of our family. 

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When I lived at home with my Mum, we very sadly lost far too many cats on the road. Though, we had one lucky little guy that survived after coming into contact with a vehicle. His name was Boots, he was brother to Bear and Son to Cocoa and he lost his leg after being hit by a car.

This cost my parents £350 and it's fair to say that after this they looked straight in to cat insurance. Boots went on to live many more years, he came home after the surgery very timid, not himself, but within weeks was back to the cheeky little guy that we all knew and loved. He'd chase birds, climb fences and even roof tops (yes, really, with three legs!) and he even intelligently managed to grow his tail over on the side that he'd lost his leg to help him balance.

Sadly, after surviving the collision and mastering his three legs instead of four, he's now no longer with us and neither is his Mum, Cocoa nor his Brother, Bear. But they live in our memories, and we really do have some fantastic memories of them.

They made my childhood what it was and they played a big part in helping to make me who I am today. 

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Boots and his Brother Bear.

* I have linked to Argos in this post but in reality you are spoilt for choice if you are looking to insure a pet. There are other providers you can find from searching on Google or Yell so I recommend you get quotes from more than one and compare what is covered.


  1. I am on the same page as you! I love animals and for me a home is not a home without animals. Went I was growing up we had a Moscow Watchdog that basically is a Saint Bernard twin dog. Now i have a cat, Fernarda. Iouldn't imagine my life without them!


  2. I really dislike cats! I wouldn't say I'm an animal lover, I used to LOVE dogs but when my beloved dog died when I was younger, I haven't had one since as I am too scared for it to pass away :(

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, fashion & lifestyle blog

  3. Great post! Been reading a lot about the kinds of roles pets play in our family. Thanks for the info here!