The 'C' Word

I love Autumn, I do, but with the clocks having gone backwards and the days feeling that much shorter due to the darker evenings, my mind has turned to Winter and even the 'C' word has begun to pop up in my mind from time to time. Christmas. Winter. How has it all come around so fast? 

Maybe it's just me, but this year has gone the fastest any year has ever gone before. I know that that's mostly because I had my first baby in April and preparing and then learning how to be a Mum has pretty much consumed all of my days and at times nights. But I do remember so vividly exclaiming to everyone this time last year 'No! It cannot be so close to Christmas already!' and a whole year has gone by since then and I feel I am almost still trying to get over how fast last Christmas came let alone worry about Christmas this year..

But it's not all so bad, the darker evenings are cosy and it's nice to look at the clock and feel (from the dark blanket outside) that it is later then it is and realise that actually I've still got a few more hours left in the day to squeeze some more into it. 

I guess it's nice to pull out the winter clothing and start layering more and more on to achieve the ultimate 'snug fest', not forgetting those big, chunky, fluffy socks that hit the tills every year. 

It will be so much more meaningful to celebrate our first Christmas as a family this year. Ethan's first Christmas.. that's a pretty special time and one that will be just so exciting for us all including our extended family. 

I guess there's a lot to look forward to in the next coming months. We've got Halloween next and then Bonfire night so we'll have to see if we manage to do anything a bit more special than usual for those. The different occasions throughout the year mean so much more than they ever use to now.. I want to celebrate them all now just to show Ethan the different 'holidays'. But I know, that it is Christmas that is really going to be the most wonderful time of year now that we are a three.. :)


  1. I love the Autumn and I have some grey lambswool leggings that looks similar to the tight above - and they are soooooo snuggly and warm!

  2. I like the changing colours of the trees.