Baby Ethan Has Arrived!!!!

Our beautiful baby boy and first child Ethan Adam was born on 17.04.13 (only 2 days overdue) at 20:04 weighing 9lbs and 9oz (Yes really.. - he was THAT big!). We are SO in love with him! Our hearts may actually burst with the amount of love and pure joy that we are feeling at the moment. He is absolutely perfect, a healthy and happy little man. He has had lots and lots of visitors already with many more to come - he's very popular! 

Some of you may be aware, if you are follow me via twitter/instagram, that I have been quite poorly since giving birth to Ethan. I am having trouble getting up and walking about without feeling like I'm going to pass out. I actually fainted on Sunday whilst in the shower and was re-admitted into hospital for the night with a suspected blood clot on my lungs. However all was clear on my scan the next day which was a huge relief as I'm sure you can imagine.

I had spent the night away from Ethan for the first time and was feeling emotionally low because of this so I have come home and am taking it easy. Adam has been AMAZING looking after Ethan and I -- I seriously am so lucky. I am going to see how I go and will obviously be contacting the hospital if I don't get any better after a week or if I get worse. I lost a lot of blood and have low iron levels so this combined with the exhaustion of having a newborn baby and labour itself is probably not helping. 

Anyway this is just a very quick post to let you all know that little Ethan has arrived safe and sound and that we're are all doing okay. I will try and get on to post more updates about how we're all getting on when I can, but right now I have a lot going on and need to settle into life as a brand new Mummy :) I'll leave you with a few photos of our little angel..

I love him SO MUCH.
Being a Mum is the best feeling in the entire world!


  1. Congratulations! Wow Ethan was a good size bless him and he's so cute! Sorry to hear you've not been well, hope you feel better soon :) xx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Hi I'm a new follower and just wanted to say congratulations. He is gorgeous!
    I hope you start to feel better soon, I had my daughter 3 weeks ago and also had problems afterwards but finally mending now.
    All the best.

  3. Awww, congratulations. What exciting news. It really takes me back reading this, to when my little man was born and all those first-time-mummy feelings. Enjoy every second. x

  4. Congratulations to you all! My iron was so low throughout pregnancy that after my Labour I actually refused when they told me to get a shower and got a bath instead and made Craig and baby Rio come sit with me in case I passed out. He's adorable..take far too many photos,it's never enough :)


  5. Congratulations -- he's a gem! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. aww congrats! I LOVE The IPOOD vest I've wanted one of those for ages! (not for me obviously lol!) Glad her arrived safely and sorry to hear you haven't been feeling great. From what you are saying it sounds like it is probably your iron levels and energy in general. It can hit you hard! Hope you feel better soon and it isn't anything more than this. Welcome to the mummy club! xxx

  7. Congratulations once again Alex. He is gorgeous. Try and take it easy my dear

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  8. Congrats Alex hes sooo cute :-) Looks like he loves his dummy already, bless.
    Lovely name too! xx


  9. Massive congratulations Alex & Adam! Ethan is such a cutie pie!
    So soryr you've been having a bad time. I had a massive blood loss too and ended up anemic, I've been quite naughty and not been taking my meds for it too eeek! :/
    I hope you feel better soon!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  10. Congratulations! Ethan is gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better soon. It's great that your husband is taking such good care of you both

  11. Yay! I was just thinking of you last night and wondering if the baby had arrived yet and how everyone was doing. I'm glad your scan was clear and you're doing okay! And baby Ethan is adorable. Take care of yourselves!

  12. Aw that photo of Ethan with Daddy (second from bottom) is simply divine xx


  13. He is just gorgeous! Congratulations and I hope you are feeling much better soon x

  14. Congratulations to you both, he is utterly gorgeous!!! Hope you feel better soon honey. Can't wait to see more updates, will add you on Twitter/Instagram to keep in the loop!

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

  15. Congratulations Alex, Ethan is gorgeous and what a healthy size. I hope you're feeling better now?xxx