What's your Favourite Disney Film?

Ah the magic of Disney. I've never even been to Disney Land, but I've heard so many magical things about it. I loved all the Disney films as a child, but who didn't? I had a great collection of the books and when ever I see anything Disney related it takes me straight back to the memories I have as a child.

One Disney film I'd never seen was actually The Aristocats, can you believe? A crazy cat lady like me! It's safe to say that I have now, my Husband insisted I watched it when we moved into our house and got sky and the Disney channel. And obviously, as with all Disney films, it was fantastic! Not my favourite though.. No, I think my favourite will always remain as.. Beauty and The Beast! 

I'm a huge romantic, so the magical love story somewhat appeals to my soppy emotional side! I even wore a Belle style dress to school for a Disney theme day, I felt like a princess ha ha.

Writing this and looking for Disney related pictures to go with the post, has reminded me just how many fantastic characters and films there are in the Disney world. I could name so many films that were favourites of mine, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Lady and The Tramp, 101 Dalmations, the list goes on and on..

Seriously, I cannot wait until Ethan is a little older, so that we can sit down and watch the Disney films together as a family and play games like the new Disney Infinity:

Having a child is just the most brilliant excuse to do it! 

So what's your favourite Disney Film?

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  1. My favourite is Dumbo, my mum recorded it off the tv when I was little and my favourite gift from an ex-boyfriend was the Dumbo DVD

  2. Definitely Snow White: her beauty, her innocence, the birds and other animals around her, the forest - the huntsman sparing her -, the beautiful but evil queen. The symbols: the mirror, the dress, the blue bird, the apple, the primary (non pink) colors - Snow White white, red and black features and white, red and black phases of the history, the crystal coffin (yep even that - I liked everything 'lucite' as a child - now it's weird).

    I'm also a romantic, when I was a child I was always dreaming of castles, doll houses, miniature everything and of course, princesses! I wanted to be like Snow White.

  3. Ohh hard to pick just one....I love Beauty & The Beast & The Lion King :) x

  4. Ahh so many great ones to choose from but Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid are right up there for me! x