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Leaving home with a baby (Warning DO NOT attempt alone!)

I have learned that it is now impossible to leave the house and 'pop' out by self, returning calm and collectively with a baby. Yep, the term 'pop out' now means 'be out of the house for approximately four hours, stopping for various bottles, nappy changes, random grouchiness, a trip down the toy isle for a set of Fisher Prices own car keys to replace the car keys that belong to me that my baby will not let me peel from the grasp of his hand before he pokes himself in the eye with them. 
It also means getting completely flustered, hot, sweaty, close to tears and nearly losing the will to live. 
I have learned that it is in fact better if I do not attempt to leave the house alone with baby and that it is far better to wait for Husband to return home from work or have a day off to attempt such a soul-destroying challenge to Tesco for a 'couple' of bits. 

Packing for our Holiday

/Cry I just don't want to. Can't I have someone pack for me? We leave for the Lake District on Saturday and I've only just started packing!.. A quarter of Ethans holiday type belongings are taking up a whole reasonably large suitcase.. We have limited packing space as it is, as we're sharing the one car with Adams parents. Seriously, how can such a small person take up so much room?!

New blog design?

It's due, I feel. So it is in talks with a proper designer and all, get me! ;)

A full mortgage and a new home?

We have a shared ownership on our 2 bed home currently and as lovely and spacious as our current home is, we are running out of room a little and would like to upgrade to a 3 bed with a more family vibe to it. When we moved into our current home, we never ever pictured that we'd be living here as Mum and Dad with a growing-so-fast-I-can't-believe-it baby who owns an ever-expanding amount of belongings! We've taken a few steps into looking at selling our share of the property and so we shall see how it all goes.. Getting a mortgage on maternity can be a bugger!

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  1. I have to pack for four children and one big kid so I know how stressful it is. Also the younger they are the more room they take up crazy when their clothes are the smallest! Good luck with all the house moving stuff and have a great holiday!

  2. Eeek don't even mention packing! We're going away for the week on Monday and I refuse to even think about the packing part....

    Aww I love your blog design! lol.

    Ha! I feel your pain on the leaving home with a baby part. Its so much easier to just not bother...

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

  3. I love your blog design! It gave me the push to find a designer to redesign mine. I hate packing too. The whole leaving the house thing gets a lot easier as they get older, trust me! :D

  4. Leaving the house with a baby is a nightmare but it does get easier so don't worry, I think your blog design is lovely! :) Hope you have a good holiday xx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  5. went on holiday earlier this year with an 8year, 6year, 5year and 5month old and also was 3months pregnant, the whole thing was shocking to say the least, never again, i dont think il be going anywhere next year after this ones born, unless im taking a one way ticket to the nearest spa lol xx

  6. LOL @ leaving the house with a baby! And I know how you feel about the house - we need more space too!

  7. Leaving the house with a baby is very hard, especially when they need nappy changing! Anyway hope you have a great holiday! x