Stuff you'll need for a New Baby

  • your newborn will probably need their nappy changed around 10 to 12 times a day! So stock up on nappies for at least the first few days.
  • small babies usually live in baby grows and vests for the first few months, so get enough for the days you won't be doing the washing and those times that baby is sick. The ones with the poppers at the bottom are better, as it is easier to access and change dirty nappies.
  • a small cardigan will probably come in useful for those colder days.
  • muslin cloths and bibs come in SO handy for baby's spit up, around 5+ should be enough for the start. 
  • A shawl or blanket to wrap up your baby
  • a wool or cotton hat
  • scratch mittens
  • a few pairs of socks (if you are planning to put your baby in cloths and not baby grows)
  • a sun hat for going out if the sun is bright
  • bottles, teats, bottle brush, a steriliser, a bottle warmer (if required and if breast feeding)
  • potentially a breast-pump if breast feeding along with 2 nursing bras for you.
  • a crib, cot or moses basket. My person choice was a crib and I was so pleased that we opted for it, as Ethan would have outgrown a moses basket way too quickly. We also have a cot but that's in his room for when he moves out of ours. 
  • a mattress to fit the moses basket, cot or crib.
  • a rear facing car seat. It might be worth considering a travel system as the pram choice, so that the car seat and baby can be transferred easily from car to pram without disturbing him/her.
  • baby wipes and cotton wool for cleaning baby and nappy changing.
  • a pram for baby and any accessories you'll need for it, try the iCandy range at John Lewis.
  • mild baby bath and a few baby hooded towels 
  • a changing bag to take with you when you're on the go
  • a changing mat
  • a grow bag or cot sheet for babys place to sleep. We use a grow bag as I feel it is a lot more safer.
  • nappy bags
  • formula or ready made milk if you are bottle feeding

Extra items that are non-essentials

  • play mat for baby to lay down on
  • a baby swing (was great for us to put Ethan in to sleep when he was first born)
  • a bath and room thermometer
  • baby sponges for bath time
  • newborn 'clothes' (baby grows are fine)
  • bootees
  • a baby bath and baby seat for the bath (we use a baby bath and a baby seat suitable for newborns and it has been so much easier but the choice is yours).
  • toys (they wont be playing with them for a while but it is nice to get them a few soft toys).
  • baby hair brush 

Enjoy your new baby!


  1. Yippee at 38 weeks we have everything on your list. Thanks Alex :)

    Sarah @ bumpbabycandme.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I've been looking for a real list from a mother to help me figure out what on earth to buy before baby gets here. So thank you so much for the post!