Giraffe, Marylebone

During our overnight stay in London last week we were asked to review one of the Giraffe restaurants. Neither myself or Adam had ever visited a Giraffe before, we'd both heard of their restaurants and had even walked past them on many an occasion.. I'm now not sure why we'd never decided to head on in for a bite to eat because we had such a fantastic experience!


We opted for the Marylebone Giraffe and we decided we'd go for breakfast/brunch. I had assumed that it would be rather close to the Marylebone train station, but it wasn't, there we're a few other tube stations that were closer - Bond Street being the closest, so this is something to bear in mind if you're looking to go. Although I didn't read it before hand, Giraffe do actually state on their website closest tube stations, which is actually really useful (shame I didn't read it! ha ha). They also list addresses and contact numbers for their branches, along with a link to find them via Google Maps, the managers name, booking, wi-fi and seating information.. Again this is all really useful. Their website in general is fab and I now know that that this is actually a reflection of their fabulous restaurants. 

At the restaurant we managed to get the perfect seating.. The weather couldn't decide what it was going to do, one moment it was hot, then cold, then raining.. We chose a table that was between being inside and being outside - it was perfect! We had the atmosphere and warmth of the restaurant inside, but as we we're facing outside, we were able to feel like we had more privacy as we watched London go by. It was chilled and we felt totally relaxed. When it comes to their seating options, they're perfect!

Food and Drink

I ordered a tea and Adam ordered a coffee, pretty standard.. however, from the moment we were brought our drinks we know we'd found a winner. This sounds perhaps a little crazy but even the tea pot was gorgeous! And just look at the coffee.. (I tasted it and it was as gorgeous as it looks!)

For food we ordered the bruschetta bites sharing board (pictured below). It was gorgeous, with such lovely flavours. This is priced at £5.95, which I can't quite believe and that's not just because of the taste but it's also huge as it is to share!

For brunch we both opted for the Veggie Brunch (as pictured below) we were kindly given the option of scrambled or fried eggs, which is a lovely touch. The food tasted as excellent as it looks. 

I also tried one of their gorgeous smoothies, mostly because I wanted to own the little giraffe that came with it (pictured), yes, I am a massive child -- I can't help it! The smoothie was totally not what I had expected.. I've never been a massive fan of smoothies, but this one was beyond tasty and I pretty much downed it in one. I have since been craving smoothies and have brought some on the weekly shop. 

Both their food and their drinks are presented perfectly, I couldn't fault them at all on taste or presentation. 

A Vegetarian and Family Friendly Restaurant

I love love love that they offer so many vegetarian options, some restaurants totally ignore us veggies and let me tell you.. it sucks! But with Giraffe there was just so many options to choose from, we were in heaven! 

I can't begin to tell you how much I can't wait to take Ethan to Giraffe when he gets a bit older. The family-friendly atmosphere at Giraffe was so fantastic, they offer colourful smoothies with free giraffes in, play packs, bookmarks and a purse-friendly yummy looking menu just for kids! Looking around the restaurant I couldn't help but notice how much fun the kids there were having! But don't let that make you think that Giraffe is a restaurant purely aimed at kids because it is most definitely not! As a couple, Adam and I were never made to feel out of place, the food and drink alone was enough for us to feel that this was definitely a place for couples and adults. It wasn't noisy whatsoever, the whole atmosphere was chilled and relaxed, even though they did get really busy - Giraffe is just obviously a very popular restaurant and I can see why! 

Price wise, Giraffe is a really affordable place to eat, which goes along way to show that they really care about their customers. To get more of an idea of prices and food available, take a look at their menus.

Have you ever been to a Giraffe restaurant? If so, what did you think? 
Or do you have any recommendations for any other fab family-friendly restaurants?


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*We received our meal free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All thought, opinions and words are, as always, our own.


  1. We've been to Giraffe in Brighton a few times. It's my son's favourite restaurant, and considering he's quite choosy about what he likes, that's saying something. I wouldn't say it's a budget option but they do have good special offers from time to time. And the food has always been terrific.

  2. Aww great review! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

    I've only been to Giraffe once and I hated my meal so its kind of put me off going again - I think I just chose the wrong thing though, I ordered a Thai green curry which I'd never tried before and it made me feel sick for hours. But I`ve tried it since in other places and its definitely the dish itself that I don't like!!!
    So I'm sure it was nothing Giraffe did wrong! I never got the chance to try it again though, as our local Exeter branch was severely damaged when some lunatic set a bomb off in the toilets there!!!!!

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  3. The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant. Every table had an argument going.

  4. I went to Giraffe on Monday and had a lovely Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Mango Salsa and Sweet Potato Mash. But I have also had lots of lovely things from there and love the atmosphere

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    It is one of them.