Dancing Pooh by Tomy

Ethan absolutely loves the Dancing Winnie the Pooh from Tomy. Okay, so he can't yet dance around it, but he gets so much from just watching Pooh move up and down, sway from side to side and sing the 'up and down' song out loud. If he's upset and I press Pooh's paw he instantly stops crying and watches Pooh dance. I was surprised with Ethan's reaction, I wasn't sure if he'd really be interested, as this toy seems to be aimed for older children who are at the age where they can stand up/sit and join in with the dancing. But I was totally wrong, Ethan thinks this is one of his best toys!

dancing pooh tomy

I like the way the toy looks, though it isn't as soft as I had imagined but this is likely to be down to the mechanics inside. Dancing Pooh takes 4 x AA batteries but comes with the first lot so he's ready to go as soon as you get him home! He has two modes, on one paw he will sing 'up an down, touch the ground' and on the other he has a musical statues mode. He would make a fab first birthday present! He is priced at £34.99 and is available at Tomy.

dancing pooh tomy

dancing pooh tomy

Ethan's way of dancing with him - in his door bouncer!

What kind of toys do your little ones like?

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  1. Looks like a fab toy! It'll last him ages too as he learns to interact more with it! :) xo

  2. I first thought that this Winnie the Pooh is gigantic. (Just from your pic...) :P
    How old is Ethan? (I am new at your blog...) He looks he could be my son's age... :)

    To answer your question: I would say soft books are among the number one favorites for Zoárd. And probably his Einstein ball.

    xoxo, Eszter

  3. Aww we got this too, I love him! His little song is so sweet lol

    Looks like Ethan is taking in the dance moves!

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  4. Looks really fun for the kids!! :D

    Lovely photos.