I've got that Royal-fever.

All this royal talk has made me come over all royal-obsessed. I now want to get on a train, head to London and visit all the royal touristy places, i.e Buckingham Palace. I've been googling and youTubing the royals a lot today, I find them so interesting and I'm proud that we have a royal family in our country. I think it's nice, I know some people don't like them for whatever reasons, but I like all the history they bring. To me, it's exciting. 

So the royal baby has been born, a little boy, a future king. It's a lot of pressure and responsibility, and the little baby just has no idea does he? Judging by the way William and Kate are as people I think he'll one day make a really great King.

I like William and Kate, a lot. I think they make a lovely couple and are a brilliant face to the royal family. Charles and Camilla not so much, sorry, they're just not my cup of tea. William and Kate are modern and they allow for the royals to move with the times. Going back to the royal baby, I really liked how William put his Sons car seat in the car and then drove his family home from the hospital yesterday. He's a normal Dad, doing normal Dad things. I think he'll probably be a brilliant, hands-on Father.

So anyway, that's it, I've decided. I am going to go to London, probably for my birthday (in September) or at some point in the near future to indulge and immerse myself in the royal history our country has to offer.

What do you think of the new Princes name? Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.


  1. Isn't he adorable! I love the royal family but with Wills and Kate as the face of the royal family as Charles and Camilla aren't my cup of tea either. Some New Zealand's want to make a break away from the Monarchy and Royal's but I like that we have a queen and we're a part of all the history :)

  2. Aww I love the royal family too! i'm always reading about them, I find them so fascinating! I read a book recently about the Queens childhood written by her former nanny and I was so enthralled in it.

    I must admit though, I do love Charles! He always makes me giggle when he's filmed doing silly things like dancing like a proper embarrassing old Dad! I think I like him coz he reminds me of my Dad. Not keen on Camilla though!

    You're so like me, I've decided I want to go to London in september too for my birthday! lol!

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  3. I think it's great that they are bringing up the baby themselves. Somebody was telling me yesterday that Prince Charles was raised by nannies and even as a young boy he shook hands with his mum, the queen. It's wonderful to see William and Kate's bringing such a modern influence to the royal family. My heart was very warmed when I saw those pictures of the young couple bringing home their baby :)

    1. I totally agree with everything you've said. Can't believe that about Charles shaking his Mums hand :\ That's a bit, weird. x

  4. I was obsessively watching all things Royal when I heard that Kate had gone to hospital in labour. I really like this young couple... and I love the name they chose!

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