I'd like a Pink Lining Bag changing bag. Is that OK?

Oh they are just so pretty, they really really are; the Pink Lining changing bags. Hold on a sec whilst I just wipe away my drool. I have decided (as of two weeks ago), that I would very much like one for myself and so I plan to get one for my Birthday in September. Yes, I did just say that I want a baby changing bag for my Birthday...

I actually found 'the one', I adore it, a light blue and totally eye pleasing beauty from their 'Blooming Gorgeous' range, which is in my opinion just that, blooming gorgeous. But sadly, it was not to be, after receiving a reply back from the Pink Lining customer relations it appears that this particular design is no longer being made /sadface. But, lets not dwell there are plenty of others, so I shall move on and pick myself out another. The real reason I'd like a blue bag (though I can't currently seem to find one on their website), is because as much as the changing bag is mostly for Mama's use, it does need to go on the pram of my little boy which will at times be pushed by my Husband, also a male. So I don't feel that a bright pink nappy-changing bag is me being particularly fair to them. And so, I have come to the conclusion that blue is a good compromise, I will get the pretty changing bag but it'll be in the more commonly related to boys colour -  blue (or a less girly colour).

This post has made me sound like a bag-freak hasn't it?! And you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that I'm not a bag person whatsoever, in fact the word 'handbag' makes me cringe a little. However, there's just something about the prettier changing bags that I just seem to love. I wonder if other Mummy's feel this way or maybe I've just lost the plot a little?

So anyway, in conclusion, what I'm trying to say is - I'd like a pretty changing bag, I've just got to find the right one. And to aid me on my changing-bag quest I'd be very grateful if you could tell me about your own, or even leave me a link to it. I'm nosey and very interested to see what you use. Currently I have a very boring, although enormously practical totally black bag from Mothercare, it's spacious and everything I need, just not very attractive. It blends into the black frame of my the pram and I am looking for something to give the pram a little bit of popping eye-candy.

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Alex xo


  1. I feel like it's rubbing it in a bit to tell you that I have two Pink Lining changing bags. I had a blue one (for all the same reasons you've said - I had a little boy so I wanted it vaguely boyish) with my little guy, and then my hubby bought be one of the twin bags just before the little lady was born as I knew I'd need a bigger bag with double the stuff to carry, but I couldn't face not having my pretty Pink Lining bag anymore. My bigger bag is yellow and green, again a bit more gender neutral for when Daddy runs off to do a nappy change. They really are the best bags. And it's fine to get one as a birthday present, it ends up mostly being your bag anyway. x

  2. I do love Pink Lining but I know what you mean, some look too girly for boy mummies! lol. Especially coz my pram is white and blue, so my changing bag couldnt be all girly!

    I have two changing bags - Ive always had a bag addiction, and its now turned into a change bag addiction!

    I have a white one with a baby blue bow which matches the pram interior and came with the pram, and I have a black and white polka dot miracle bag -


  3. I love my pink lining bag, it is girly though but my hubby doesn't seem to bothered about carrying it. My other changing bag is from TK Maxx and it is lovely so it's well worth looking in there x

  4. I have this pink lining bag:


    And it really is gorgeous. I have two in nappies so needed the twins one to fit everything in and although it is utterly girly and the inside is very pink, I think the blue balances out the fact I have two boys. When I only have one though or am just popping out, I have this bag


    but again with a blue background. It isn't techically a changing bag but i has just as many pockets and is actually huge inside, I love it.

    Good luck finding the right one!

    1. Thanks for this. I love these two bags, they're adorable! x