Thought Provoker: Do Ghosts Exist?

We see it so much these days all over various television channels, amateur ghost hunters across the country heading out late at night into old buildings, cemeteries and various other spooky-like places such as abandoned hospitals to look for none other than the ever elusive 'ghost'. They often bring along fancy electronic equipment that they say helps them to locate any sort of ghostly going-ons.
But despite their very best efforts we still do not have any real proof that these 'ghosts' do in fact exist
So that brings me nicely on to toady's rather spooky thought provoker.. today I'm asking the question...Do ghosts really exist?

My personal thoughts

My view on this one is that realistically it's totally impossible to say whether ghosts are real or not. The whole ghost theory mostly appears to be down to the beliefs of the person themselves. Personally, I've never seen any evidence of any sort of ghost or any type of ghostly going-on's.  I'm not completely sceptical, I just don't have anything to base my judgements on, therefore my answer to this is that I just don't know. I'm certainly not the type of person to say that just because I haven't had any spooky-experiences myself then they must not exist, I reserve my judgement and my opinions stay open to any new evidence. 

What about peoples testimonies?

What often leaves my mind slightly boggled is that throughout my life I have heard numerous stories from people that I know and trust, who have reported that they themselves have had seemingly supernatural contact. These stories repeatedly leave my spine tingling and the hairs standing up on my body. Their experiences are often hard to explain scientifically and mostly leave me feeling that they must have had some sort of communication from the supernatural.

 My Mum for example, told me that she once saw a young girl dressed in old maid's clothing standing at her bedroom door with a tray in her hand, in the middle of the night after the old TV she used to have in her room 'popped' loudly. She initially thought that it was me standing there, before she realised it couldn't have been. The girl at the door quickly vanished, leaving my Mum feeling rather unsure as to what she had just seen. So was this 'young girl' a ghost? Or was it a figment of my Mums imagination? 

Are all of the ghosts that people have reportedly seen just a figment of their over-active imaginations? Do people create 'ghosts' in their minds un-knowingly because they don't want to believe that when we die, we really are gone. Do we find comfort in believing that a loved one is still watching over us in the form of a spirit? And if so, is this where the whole concept of 'ghosts' was stems from? Or do they truly exist? Do you believe in all of the 'evidence', in the form of photographs and the experiences of others? Maybe you've have you had your own experiences? 

How about the photographic evidence?

Of course, another thing that surely needs to be considered when answering this question, is the fact that there are so many photographs of so called ghosts floating about all over the Internet and throughout some books and magazines. A quick Google search on the subject provides an impressive array of some of the most famous ghostly photographs, some of which are seen throughout this blog post. 

So what do we think of these? 

Sure, we now know that some of them are later found out to be purpose camera trickery by those wanting to create a spooky-hoax. It's also completely plausible that some of these photographs are just a trick-of-the-light or simply a problem with the camera lens taken by people with innocent intentions. And in some cases this has been able to be proved by people who have been able to re-create such photographs with these theories in mind. But some of the more popular photographs taken that we find ourselves coming across truly are very hard to try and explain logically without allowing our minds to wander and consider that what our eyes are seeing may well be something completely supernatural. 

So what do you think? 

I'd love to know your views on this subject, so if you'd like to get involved in this debate please join in and leave a comment below. 


  1. I am one of those people who is sceptical about all of this, I don't know why, perhaps because it is something I have never experienced and cannot explain.


  2. I've had experiences, visited clairvoyants and had spot on readings and occasionally attend a spiritualist church. I have "gut" feelings about things and other things I just can't explain. I truly believe. I find it comforting though and wouldn't use the term ghost now as I used to, instead I'd term them spirit and I do believe they are all around us. ;-)

  3. I enjoyed your very interesting and thought provoking blog.
    Yes I do believe in the spirit world. And angels too.
    I have had many instances of proof but in the end it's all relative to what you believe and perhaps what you WANT to believe.
    Mum. X

  4. As you know, I've had experiences myself and I think when something has happened to you that there's no explanation for - its impossible not to believe in them!
    I don't know that I necessarily believe in the traditional idea of "Ghosts" - I don't think that there are spooks floating around trying to scare people as such. But I do think that, in some way, spirits of the deceased are around us.

    It always bothers me when people say they don't believe in ghosts because there's no evidence to prove that they exist and it's just "Too unrealistic" - there's no evidence to prove that they don't either and if you think about how the entire world managed to get here it's ALL rather mad and unfathomable - so why couldn't there be more elements to it that we don't know about yet?

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

  5. I used to be so sceptical until i woke and saw my grandad at the side of my bed, glowing blue in a navy suit.. i later told my mum ( i was 5 when he died so didnt attend the funeral) and she informed me he actually got buried in a navy suit, it was his favourite. I sound loopy but until you experience it you have to be sceptical. Since then ive had various dreams, that have happened etc but not seem anyone since.

  6. There are many psychological disorders that can cause a man to experience the existence of ghost in the surroundings