15 Things I'd Tell My 15 Year Old Self

Dearest 15 year old Me, 

Hi! How are you? Well, you're a lot better than that now! Y'know - It's funny how much things can change in the space of just 10 years. You think you know yourself right now, well listen up, and listen closely because I'm going to tell you a few things that may, um, shock you a little.. So, yeah, whatever you do make sure you hold on tight - Life's a roller coaster baby!

  1. You wont be driving a yellow convertible nor displaying a tattoo across your neck, like the woman from 'Bad Girls' which by the way at nearly age 25 you still think was an awesome TV program. You'll realise in time that those things are just not you! And you'll be very thankful for the legal age for getting a tattoo!
  2. You know he's special and you're right, he is! You'll go on to move out with him, adopt four beautiful cats together, get engaged and then have the wedding of your dreams and wait for this.. Brace yourself!...
  3. As much as you say you never will, and yes I know you're adamant about it, you WILL have a child together. 
  4. You'll have a Son, yes, A SON! I know that you think that if you ever have children you'll be destined to have a girl because there are so many girls in the family, but actually you're getting a little boy, the little boy you dreamt of having (if you did ever change your mind on the 'no children' stance). Oh and no, you don't call him 'Adam Junior' I'm afraid, you give him a gorgeous name that you love - I'd tell you his name but I'd rather keep you guessing! 
  5. You'll get over the body dysmorphia! You'll (almost completely) stop picking/biting your lips because they're too red and you'll stop caring about how pale you are. You'll come to the realisation that self-tanning takes way too much time and often leaves you streaky! For important events, i.e. your wedding day you'll opt for a professional spray tan, this is a much better option!
  6. You'll be happier than you thought was possible and your heart will be so full with love for the 2 guys in your life and life in general, that you'll need a mop to clean up your heart, which will burst all over the floor with love!
  7. You're still a veggie, but you always knew you would be. Sadly the whole world has not yet converted to vegetarianism but hey there's still time! 
  8. You'll get into blogging, it's a type of online diary for the world to see. Yeah I know that sounds scary but you'll really enjoy it and you'll start chatting to some lovely like-minded people.
  9. You'll get into what you want to work wise, but you'll take a civilian role, this will allow you to realise that maybe what you wanted to do isn't really you! It's in fact, quite a bit scary to be honest. 
  10. You've got scoliosis. Your spine is curved. You don't know it yet because it doesn't yet hurt you, so enjoy this time because when it does starts hurting it's pretty damn awful. You'll assume it can be fixed by the Doctors, but you're wrong. Don't spend forever researching it, looking for an answer because there just isn't one. The best thing you can do is learn to accept it.
  11. Your confidence WILL grow, trust me it will. You'll learn to confidently ask for things, talk on the phone, drive a car (you will crash a few times but hey it's all a learning curve!). You'll fake it till you make it!
  12. You'll learn to apply make-up and learn what a dress size is and with this you'll stop wearing size-14's just because they are a lot more comfy! 
  13. Being a Mum will make you realise who you are, it will teach you so much about yourself and show you a new direction in life. You'll be so thankful for this. 
  14. You will be clean freak when you own your own home, like you suspect you will, but in time you'll learn to relax a little with this. It really isn't that important!
  15. Life gets so much better! Things change. You'll change. But your relationship with Adam will never change, your bond will just grow deeper and deeper. You grow and change together. You are happy. Happy beyond words. 
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Alex xo


  1. Loved reading this Alex :) xx

  2. This is great, I rememeber writing a letter to myself when I was 15, not to be opened until I become a parent, I am sure my views of letting your child do what they want have changed since then!!! xx

    Sarah @ www.bumpbabycandme.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Loved reading this, I love Bad Girls too, more so because a friend of mine is in it xx


  4. Love this! I'm thinking about doing one too Xx

  5. I loved this Alex. So nice to learn more about you. Your past shapes your future after all! xx

  6. This is a great idea! I must take a look.
    Loved reading this :0

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  7. I just found your blog and it's way too lovely, especially this post! Can't wait to read more :)

    Nicole xx.

  8. I love this post! I didn't know you used to have body dysmorphia. You and Adam are such a beautiful couple and I find it so romantic that you've been together since you were so young.

    1. Thanks Sascha. Yeah I did sadly. But overcame it myself and am now very happy!

  9. Such a great post and its so lovely that you and Adam are childhood sweethearts :) Your style of writing is great, really enjoyed reading this xxx


  10. It sounds like 15yo Alex actually got quite a lot of things right - especially in the guy she chose to be with of course! What a lovely post!

    1. Definitely where it came to my Hubby!
      Thank you :)

  11. I loved this post. My daughter has scoliosis and the doctors at sixteen told her she would be ok and it wouldn't get any worse. It has. She is in pain from it and when she is pregnant it is worse. Thanks for sharing!