Perfect for Summer: theBabaSling® Lite

    As the warmer British weather approaches, more and more of us are heading out of the front door; off on our holidays, for a family day out or even just for a bit of a scenic walk around the local park. Whatever the reason and wherever you're going, it's just lovely that {finally} it's beginning to feel warm enough to get out of the house with baby for a little while! And so in light of this let me introduce this perfect-for-summertime sling for babies!

  This here is theBabaSling® Lite - designed by BabaSlings Ltd specifically for hotter climates and summer months. It's made with airy cotton twill and is super lightweight. It's been perfect lately for keeping both Adam and I cool and comfy while out and about with Ethan. Using it keeps Ethan safe, close {and therefore happy}whilst giving us the freedom to have both of our hands free, which these days had become a bit of a rarity! 

Comfort & Ergonomics
    Now if you're a long term reader of my blog you'll probably be aware that I suffer with back pain and therefore I'm a bit of stickler when it comes to comfort and correct positioning and posture. In regards to theBabaSling® Lite we find that it's easy to adjust and re size between mine and Adams body shape and we love that the safety buckles make it easy to take off without disturbing Ethan if he's sleeping. If you're like me and suffer from back pain you may be a little hesitant to purchase a baby swing.. However I found that the thick strap on the cushion offered both comfort and extra support for my back and the fact that I could carry Ethan around in the sling meant he wasn't constantly slipping down on me like he does when I carry him in my arms and hands, so for me personally it works for me and my back and does not aggravate my pain. 
   In regards to baby, BabaSlings Ltd say: "Many healthcare practitioners, including osteopaths and chiropractors, consider the hammock style of theBabaSling® to be ideal for healthy spinal development in infancy. The ergonomic shape of the baby sling is specifically designed to support your baby's weight evenly without putting any unwanted pressure on a newborns developing hips and spine." 

Some other things to <3 about theBabaSling® Lite
- It's designed to carry babies and toddlers (0 - 2yr+ / 4.5 -33lbs / 2-15kg )
- There are 5 different carrying positions!
- You're able to breastfeed discreetly in two of the positions.
- It's easily adjusted - one size fits all.
- Can be machine washed.
- It's been tested to safety standards
- It offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
- There are youTube videos which take you through the different carrying positions step by step!

We both enjoy using the theBabaSling® Lite and best of all we feel that Ethan enjoys being in it, which for us is the most important thing!

The theBabaSling® Lite is available to purchase for just £39.99 in a range of bright colours here. 
You can also follow BabaSlings Ltd on Facebook and on Twitter.
Ethan loves snuggling up close to Daddy. <3
Alex xo


  1. This looks fab, i was always put of using as they were bulky this looks great!

  2. Beautiful family!! I never could get my son to like that carrier, he didn't like that he sunk into it and was nearly smothered by it. I'm glad it works for you though, little Ethan looks happy!

    Kudos to you!
    What fun!! So adorable! I will need to try this with my son! The mess frightens me but I think it would be worth it!! Thanks for the idea!

    Kudos to you!


  3. Aww Ethan does look comfortable in it. Its fab that it doesn't anger your back problems too.
    I must admit I've yet to try ours - I've never been a fan of the idea of baby slings/carriers but Jon loves ours! I really should try it!

    Sparkles &



  4. I had a Babasling for Riley but he didn't like it, I think it was because he sunk into it too much, he preferred the upright carriers. It's good that it doesn't hurt your back though! :) xx

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  5. Ethan does look very comfy in it. Will have to look into this if I ever have anymore children. One of my concerns like yours would be my back. I suffer from sciatica and some days find it difficult to walk for more than 5 minutes.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again next Weekend

    Laura x x x

  6. That looks great - will have to try with my next one. I used a Baby Bjorn before and its fine but this looks a lot cosier for them to sleep.