Dear Sleep.. Zzz

Why is it that even when my gorgeous baby boy is fast asleep and my eyes feel heavier than a train {random I know but the word train was the first thing that popped into my oh so exhausted head at this fine hour} that I just am unable to switch off and do that thing known as SLEEP?!

My brain is working overtime and I know I am going to regret sitting here typing this in a few hours {or less} when Ethan wakes up for a feed. My Husband, who appears to have had no problem whatsoever switching off and sleeping is off of work this week so maybe he can have the honour of the nightly feeds tonight,  .. yeah - that sounds like a plan! 

I don't even do 'naps' during the day, even when Ethan goes to sleep.. 
People often say to new Mothers - "Sleep when baby sleeps', but I've so far not been able to, I'm too busy and again just can't switch off. I never even 'napped' during the day/evening once during my pregnancy. I'm probably going to end up with permanent 'bags' under my eyes.. that is if they're not already there.. 

Well, anyway I suppose that really I should try turning off the television and the crappy shows that play at this lovely hour, switch off the light and try counting sheep!

So that's goodnight from me...

                                                                               And a goodnight from this little cutie!

Alex xo


  1. I am sure I used to do that sleep thing, but it is becoming a distant memory!

  2. Awww he's sooo cute! :) I love how they sleep all stretched out!

    I know what you mean - here's me at nearly 2 am, blogging!!! Tyne's been asleep for hours - how silly!! I don't nap during the day either - I mean to, but I never actually get around to it lol

    I hope Adam enjoys the night feeds! ;)

    Sparkles &