Baby: Choosing Your Name

  Your Dad and I have had two favourite names picked out for you for a while now. Honestly, choosing your name wasn't the massive challenge I always assumed it would be... it was surprisingly easy! What worked for us, was coming up with names together, rather than pitching our own favourite names.

  So what did we choose for you? Before we knew your gender we came up with and decided on both a girls name and a boys name and this is what they were:

Boy:                      Girl:
Ethan Adam                                        Jessica Samantha 

So since we're pretty sure now that you are a little boy.. We're going to call you Ethan. <3

  Your middle name will be Adam which is your Dads name. I adore your Dad and will adore you! Daddy suggested Ethan to me and at first I wasn't sure, but now I absolutely LOVE it! We don't know anyone else called Ethan which we like because it means that your name doesn't remind us of anyone else, it is unique just like you will be! 

We've just started filling out your baby record book.. it's so much fun to do! I really love it and think it's is just too cute! I hope that one day you will enjoy reading through it with me!

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  1. Love his name, aww xx