29 Weeks: Busy Building Your Things!

How far along? Today I am 29 weeks.. 4 days pregnant with you– NEARLY 30 weeks! :)

Maternity clothes: Your Grandma brought me a new maternity top this week. It’s from Next, and is black and white, stripy and very comfy!

Stretch marks: I have noticed a few more on my breasts this week but luckily nothing on my stomach as of yet *touch wood*.

Sleep: I’m sleeping fine, apart from the occasional trip to the toilet during the night. Though as much as I’m sleeping rather well, I’m still feeling extremely tired most of the time.

Best moment this week: Getting your nursery close to being finished! It’s looking better than what we ever imagined. We’ve built your cot, chest of drawers, got you an armchair, a rug, built your swing and pram, and lots more. It’s honestly one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done. Seriously buying for you - our first ever baby and then creating your little space in the house is just such an amazing feeling.

Your pram - we couldn't wait to build it, so it's living in your nursery. We love imagining you in it! 

Miss anything? Having more energy.

Movement: Feeling lots of strong movements from you!! Daddy's feeling them a lot more now which makes me happy, because you did have the tendency to play musical statues when daddy used to try and feel for you!

Food cravings: I’ve still not had any cravings!

Anything making you queasy or sick? No, but I’m really disliking feeling sugar on my teeth lately.

Gender: You're a little baby boy! :D

Labour signs: No

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling some pressure down on my bladder. My heartburn has increased this week and I finally felt that I had to crack open the Gaviscon - which helped. (Do you have a lot of hair??) Some back pain like last week but again nothing that I can’t manage.

Belly button in or out? Half in and half out, so same as usual – I have however now removed my belly bar piercing.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: So very happy that I could burst! :D

Looking forward to: Doing the little touches in your nursery, and hitting 30 weeks pregnant! Then it'll only be 10 weeks to go until you are here!!!! :D :D

Mummy wasn't wearing any make-up hence my head being chopped off, haha. 


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