Keeping E safe is my job, it's my first and foremost responsibility. Whether we're out and about or at home in the 'safety' of our home.
To tie in with child safety week, I thought I would just quickly post a few snaps from around our home (and our car) to show the different items we have that help keep him safe.

We use a Lindam safety barrier on our back door - it lets the fresh breeze from outside in when it's hot and stuffy but prevents any danger of E falling out onto the hard concrete.

A door stop on our living room door to prevent it slamming shut on tiny little toddler fingers. 

We use table corners to cover sharp edges to reduce the risk of a bumped head.
We have two stair gates in our house to provide a play space for E where he can play safe.
Sun shades in both of our cars help block those pesky sun rays out.
And lastly, we use an extra mirror in the car so that we can keep an eye on what a certain someone gets up to whilst we have out heads turned.
All of the mentioned items are from Lindam. They are a brand I trust completely and I am a proud ambassador for them.