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I've said it before, but having children makes the changing of seasons and different occasions feel so much more special. I love embracing all of the little things with the boys and visiting a pumpkin patch to celebrate Autumn arriving and Halloween coming up is one of those things. They make everything feel more fun as we get to enjoy the occasions through their excitement. 

We hadn't actually visited a pumpkin patch since we took the boys to a pumpkin Pop Up Farm back in 2017, which I can't believe! This time we went to one that is super local to us called The Patch MK and we had such a good time! It was such a good pumpkin patch with things set up for the children to enjoy and lots of early nice photo opportunities dotted around too. It was only £2 each to go and then you pay for any pumpkins that you want to buy (or not if you don't want to get any pumpkins) and of course any food and drink you may wish to purchase.