When my Husband first mentioned investing our savings into a Buy To Let property, I have to admit I was quite reluctant. It took me most of a year to come round to the idea as I worried instantly about the risk of losing our money or managing potential bad tenants. But as we discussed it more and more I realised that actually if it does work out, it is potentially one of the best places to invest our savings in to right now. 

We'd like to secure more of an income. 
We've been saving hard for a while now. We both work for ourselves and have thought a lot about the future, we aren't currently part of a pension and so our savings now and in the coming years are hopefully going to go a way to help set us up. Right now we want to use our savings to secure more of an income and having money sat in a bank account isn't bringing any return to us at all. And so we're looking to the idea of Buy to Let, and what's more, is that we're actually currently in the process of purchasing our first Buy To Let property right now.
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