I swear the cost of living just seems to go up and up and up. Seriously, where will it stop?
Everybody these days needs that extra bit of cash, especially wish Christmas on it's way, but what are the secrets of making cash quickly? Here I share my own top tips..

1. eBay! 

How many random things have you got lying about in your house that really you could sell to make a quick bit of money on? It's really not as hard as it looks to sell items on eBay and it's really worthwhile to bump up cash for the month. If you have nothing that you feel is worth selling, have you considered buying and selling? If not, it might be worth looking into!

2. Make money on old clothes, blue rays, CD's DVD's etc etc.
Sites such as Music Magpie is a great site for getting an almost instant valuation on your old stuff that perhaps you wouldn't be able to sell on eBay and what's more is you can send your items off to them for free and then you'll be paid for them, it's an amazing service.
3. Car boots

These can be really fun to do and a great little money earner on things you no longer want/need. It'll also help you clear lots of space in your home for any new purchases ;)

4. Look within

What are you good at? Could you use any talents you have to make money? i.e writing skills, web page design, etc etc. Advertise your services via local newspapers and/or local facebook groups or if you are a crafter/creator sell your creations via eBay/Etsy.

5. Use coupons & shop online

Okay, it's not going to directly put money in the bank, but if you were to shop online you'd probably find that your shopping bill was considerably lower, since your not being drawn into all the 'deals' and 'treats' dotted around the supermarkets. Coupons are also a nice little money saver!