I am always browsing the web looking out for inspirational and fun, decor and toys for Ethans bedroom. His room is one of my favourite places in the house and I just love filling it with personalised items and things that help him to develop. The only problem with my constant desire to browse is the amount of money everything costs to purchase and how much I spend in one go. So rather than get everything all at once, I've made a little inspiration board here on my blog so that I can refer back to it when I next have a little money to spend on his room. 

Adventure Awaits Hoop Art | - I love this because of how much Ethan loves to be outside. He's an explorer. It's his favourite thing to do, so this would make a great reference and look perfect in his netural themed nursery. 

Custom Ombre Name Banner | I would love something like this to hang in Ethans room, again I love how neutral it is and the personalisation. I am also massively in to using banners as decor. 

Pop Up Castle Play Tent | I have a feeling Ethan would love a little hide out place, and I love this castle pop up tent I found on eBay. It's just finding the room for it, which I am actively working on!

Aeroplane Storage Box | We always need more storage and the aeroplane storage box from yorkshirelinen.com would be perfect for either in our living room or Ethans bedroom to store in Ethans room. 

Racing Car Nursery Art Print | Ethan LOVES cars at the moment, he's always carrying his toy cars around, and I (as you know) love art prints so this would be perfect in a white ikea frame in his bedroom. 

Chef's Play Kitchen - I REALLY want to get Ethan a toy kitchen for christmas. We haven't fully decided if that's what we're going to do, but I am totally learning towards it. I really feel that he would have so much fun with it. He is always opening our kitchen cupboards and walking around with his bowls and spoons using them as toys. So I'd love to get him his own little kitchenette!

What have you currently got your eye on for your little one? Have you thought about Christmas gifts yet?