Happy Friday everyone! Sorry today's post is a bit late, I've been ultra-busy today and have had to try and cram everything in! I'm just about to to head out of the door for hopefully what will be a lovely meal at our all time favourite Chinese restaurant. My Mum and family will be taking care of Ethan, so this will be what is more commonly known as 'date night'! 

Anyway, look at me, I digress..

1. SnapBox

Okay, first up on my list of favourites from the week are http://snapboxprints.com. I've been lucky enough to be given the chance to review their services and oh my gosh was I totally impressed when this lovely canvas arrived through the door! It's pretty amazing! I'm not going to go into too much detail as I haven't yet written up my review on it yet, but expect a gushing and glowing review coming to your screens very soon! I'm totally in love with this canvas!

2. The Murder Trial 

I know from Twitter, that some of you saw this real-life documentary which aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday evening. The above male is a man called Nat Fraser who was accused of killing/ordering the killing of his Wife, Arlene, in 1998 (her body has never actually been found) and basically Channel 4 were given the permission to film his nail-biting completely intriguing court trial. In two words the documentary was: utterly fascinating. I know it's a bit of a strange entry to have as a 'Friday Favourite', but seriously - I got totally immersed with it at the time and to tell the truth, I still am. I won't go into any further details as some of you that want to, may not yet have seen it. 

3. The summer sales

Wahoo! The Summer sales are on! I've been loving all the amazing sales in the shops this week! I've picked up so many lovely things for Ethan, Adam and I and even a few sneaky presents for the family. Seriously, if you haven't been already, it's totally worth a wander into town to see if you can pick yourself up a few quality items for a fraction of the original price. P.S. For all the lovely Mummy's and even Daddy's out there, Mothercare have got some gorgeous baby and kids clothes on sale at the moment!

4. Cooking

Cheat alert! This actually should have featured in last weeks post, since it was last week that I cooked my first-ever proper meal (terrible, I know). I cooked Mushroom risotto - from scratch! I'm a terrible lazy cook hence the 'first-ever' part to that last sentence, but I made the effort, I want to make the effort and when I did it was actually absolutely gorgeous! And because I'm far too honest I won't take full credit, my Husband, who is also a bit of a novice, helped on the cooking front, but together we made a mouth-wateringingly completely delicious dish! And I shall be making it again this week, I may even take pics and post the recipe if anyone would be interested in that. 

And that is it for this weeks finest from me! Hopefully you've enjoyed reading it, I wish you all a lovely sunny completely chillaxed weekend! Enjoy! 
And as always, thank you so much for reading!

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Alex xo
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