18 weeks pregnant,

The weeks are seriously flying by - it'll be June in no time!

This week my bump has grown again, it looks and feels larger and my regular clothes don't fit me so well anymore. I'm now wearing a lot of maternity clothes including a gorgeous maternity swimsuit that I purchased from The Essential One, after asking for your recommendations via Facebook (thank you).

I feel the baby move everyday now, mostly it feels like little bubbles of movement or flutters but I do get the occasional kick too. It's such a wonderful feeling. Baby is still most active between 8.30-9.30pm.

I'm not feeling as tired as I have been, I'm starting to feel more human again which is nice. I just hope it lasts! I haven't had as many headaches and have only really had some slight heartburn this week. So  overall it's been a week of not feeling too bad.

I can't believe that in two weeks time we will hopefully know the gender of our second baby. We can't wait to see the baby again via the ultrasound scan and we are so looking forward to knowing the gender so that we can start buying pink or blue and deciding on a name. :)