This is my first weekly bump update. I would have loved to have started from the very beginning with week 1, but with keeping the pregnancy to ourselves and also dealing with what was utter exhaustion, I didn't. I'm in my second trimester now with baby #2 and am not feeling as exhausted as often as I was anymore. I have been lucky again with this pregnancy and haven't been sick (I wasn't sick with Ethan either). My body just gets very very tired during pregnancy instead. 

This week and some of last I am sure I've been feeling flutters of movement, but it sort of feels too early? I've had some heartburn and my blood pressure has been lower too, meaning I'm getting dizzy a lot. My lower back has been hurting due to my growing bump - which sort of seems to have sprung out of no-where! 

I'm loving being pregnant again and having a bump to cuddle but I'm still feeling very nervous and anxious and just want the next scan to be here so that I know that baby is healthy and is just okay. I worried all the way throughout my pregnancy with Ethan and I seem to be doing the same with this one too! 

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