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How it all started..

When I was 14, I met a boy at school called Adam and we fell in love. We grew up together and just before we both turned 24 we got married in the most beautiful setting in bright sunshine overlooking three lakes surrounded by our family and friends. Around two or so weeks before that day we had found out the best news - we were expecting our first child together. And as you can imagine, life felt pretty amazing - I felt at my most content and most happiest and so I started a blog as a way to capture those happy emotions and moments.

Our bump turned into a baby and that baby turned into a toddler and now that toddler is our little boy Ethan who now has a little brother, Logan our second beautiful boy, who was born in June 2015. And I've continued writing and capturing moments in our life through this blog and also through video now too, because I don't want to forget the little details that make up our best memories as a family. And because I've discovered such a lovely community and bunch of people I may not otherwise have ever been able to connect with through doing this too.

What do I blog about?

I write mostly about motherhood, as well as our family travels and adventures and I also share posts about our home interiors.

Blogging & Vlogging as a job?

We feel very fortunate to have worked with some incredible brands, both well known established brands and smaller start-ups that have been the right fit for our family and for my audience. I devote so much time and effort in to writing my blog and making videos for my youtube channel and working with brands from time to time means that I am able to carry on putting in as much time and effort all whilst supporting my family at the same time.

My YouTube channel..

Over the past couple of years I have also been working hard on building up my YouTube content and subscribers. I make videos about the same sorts of topics as I write about here on my blog and I also share 'vlogs' or diary style videos from behind the scenes and of our daily life, as well as travel and days out videos too. Please come and find me at:

Our family..

Alex (Me)..
As a Mum to two young children, life is mostly quite hectic. It's busy, often manic and generally leaves me falling into bed in the evening just after the kids go to bed (fellow Mummies and Daddies - I'm sure you'll very much be able to relate!). ;)

I'm a vegetarian, a crazy cat-lady and I feel passionately about animal welfare. Since 2009 I have suffered from chronic back pain due to scoliosis, which quite literally is a pain, but I have a wonderfully supportive Husband and together we make a great team and get through the bad days. My other passions and hobbies include royal history (especially anything Tudor related), cuddling cats, taking photos and generally just exploring (be that via holidays and travel or just general everyday days out, I love finding new places and getting lost in the moment!).

My Husband is one of those annoying people who is really good at anything that he puts his hands to. ;) Back in 2012 he combined his creative spark and his Lego interest and created his own business Demonhunter Bricks - he creates and sells custom Lego mini figures based upon popular television programmes, films and games. He recently designed his own custom lego lightsabers after watching and then becoming slightly obsessed with the Star Wars films. Adam works from home during the week time running his business and also works a second job part time at the weekend. He's an incredible Dad to our boys and Husband to me, I honestly couldn't have ever asked for more. 

Ethan is our eldest son and he was born in April 2013. Having Ethan absolutely changed our lives, we became so much more complete and content when he was born. Being our first, Ethan has taught us how amazing having a family is. Not everyday is easy of course, at his age Ethan naturally likes to test boundaries and we really do wish he'd be less fussy with dinners, but there really isn't a day that goes by where we don't feel proud of Ethan. He seems to learn something new everyday and he amazes us at just how fast he picks new things up. 

Logan is the youngest member of our family and he was born on the 30th of June 2015. He's the sweetest and the cheekiest little boy but he gets away with it of course. ;) He loves doing puzzles, watching Blaze and The Monster Machines and hanging out with his Grandpop. 

Both of my boys love nothing more than being outdoors. In fact, as a family we love nothing more than being outdoors and having as much fun as possible. 



  1. I have scoliosis too! How was it like being pregnant with scoliosis? I always worry my curve will get worse during pregnancy =/ ...great blog btw!

  2. Absolutely love your blog Alex! I've been with my boyfriend since 14 as well :) xxx

  3. Hi,

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    Kind regards
    Tutti Bambini

  4. How have I only just seen that you also have scoliosis? I also have it and had keyhole surgery at the age of 13 to straighten my spine!

  5. Hi Alex - Rachel here from Well Worn Whisk (I'm also a Channel Mum vlogger, that's how I came across you)! Just wanted to say hi, and that your blog is quite lovely. Keep up the good work! X

  6. Lovely intro! I love the baby!


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