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Have you ever noticed excess moisture on your windows? Or that your allergies feel worse at home or in certain rooms in your home? Have you noticed mould growth? Or wallpaper cracking or peeling?

Even when we don't realise it, there can be a lot of excess moisture in the air in our homes. And of course, bathrooms, kitchens or rooms where you dry washing or rooms without windows etc are even more at risk of excess moisture. A lot of people think about moisture being a problem throughout the colder months like autumn/winter, but actually moisture is in the air in our homes throughout the year and the different seasons, it may be that it's just more noticeable in the winter as we potentially start to see condensation on the windows build up or mould growth start to appear.  

To help keep our home healthy for us a family, we have been using the new Breathe moisture absorber from Bostik and it’s been fantastic so far! 

It’s super easy to set up, is predominantly made from recycled materials, requires no electricity, has a two-tablet system which provides up to 33% more absorption than a standard, one-tablet system and the refills can last up to 4 months! Plus it’s completely silent and blends into our home decor nicely because of its neutral design. I love that it helps create a healthy home for my family too, by helping to combat allergies and asthma also. 

Having a moisture absorber like Bostik's Breathe is an easy and simple way to help stop issues like the following from occurring...
  1. Wallpaper peeling
  2. Mould growth
  3. Condensation
  4. Paint blistering
  5. Interior staining
  6. Allergies
  7. Respiratory problems 

Excess moisture can not only cause problems within the home which can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs, but it can also cause certain health problems or make them worse. The Bostik Breathe moisture absorber is perfect to help combat this, you'll be amazed at how much moisture it sucks and collects out of the air in your home!

Visit bostik.com to find out more and to find out where you can buy yours from!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

*This post is in collaboration with Bostik, but all thoughts shared are entirely my own. 

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