I have a 10 Year Old! And Reflecting On My 10 Year Mumiversary

I don't write as much here anymore about the boys individually. As they're growing up I've decided that the right thing to do is to give them a little more privacy, so rather than have posts that focus purely on them, they're included in my other sorts of posts such as family days out, travel and other every day sort of life posts. But I can't let Ethan's 10th birthday pass without a special mention to it. After all, 10 is a big number! Well, not really... he's still so little - but in to double digits now! 

He celebrated the day with opening presents in the morning, you won't be surprised to learn that LEGO was his main present! And then as it was a school day, the first day back after Easter half term none the less, he celebrated with friends after school at our house. He opted for a few hours of gaming, with some party games thrown in and some Dominoes Pizza. And whilst my house was LOUD and chaotic for two and half hours, he had such a brilliant time, they all did. 

I can't believe I've been a Mum for 10 years now! It's a milestone for sure. I've learnt so much in those 10 years and have grown as a person and in confidence as a Mum, but I don't think you ever really stop learning as a parent. I think us parents are all just mostly winging it and doing what we feel is best for the family and our children. 

I've definitely had my fair share of challenging days and also wonderful days. It's 100% a rollercoaster of emotions being a parent and I often say it's like being in a blender with no lid in when the boys are together and having a 'moment', but would I have it any other way? - No! I love being a Mum and raising two little people and watching their personalities develop.

 Family time means so much to me and being a family makes me feel so happy and content! It's priceless, even if it is sometimes a challenge to navigate and juggle everything. We've created so many amazing memories over the years since having the boys, I feel so incredibly happy for that, and I genuinely can't wait to carry on creating them! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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