Back to Basics: Incorporating Natural Elements in Home Decor and Design

If the 20th century was defined by a rapid introduction of new man-made materials, from carbon fibre to mass-produced plastics, then the 21st century is (so far at least) seeing a return to natural materials. 

From wood and stone to plants and woven natural materials, natural elements can add warmth, texture, and a genuine sense of originality to any space that you put them in. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas for incorporating natural elements into your home decor and design.

Use wood

One of the easiest ways to add natural elements to your home is by using wood. Whether it's by using wood floors, unpainted wooden furniture, or decorative accents like a nice vintage wooden tray, bringing wood into the home makes you feel more connected to the natural world. If you’re conscious of the environmental impact of deforestation, then think about using reclaimed wood for an eco-friendly option that also adds a sense of history to your home.

Don’t forget about stone

Wood isn’t the only natural material - another great way of incorporating natural elements is by using stone. Natural stone adds a sense of groundedness, a sense of weight to a space. This could be in the form of a bare stone fireplace, a beautiful granite wall, or even smaller decorative pieces such as bookends made from stone - slate works wonderfully.

Of course, bring in some plants

House plants are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Not only do they create a great, relaxing vibe, but they can also improve air quality and it’s been scientifically proven that spending time in green spaces can have a calming effect. 

You can add plants of various different sizes and types all around your home; for example, you could have hanging planters in the living room, a small herb garden in the kitchen by the windows, or a larger plant (perhaps even a small tree) in a corner of the room.

Woven materials

Woven materials including wicker and rattan can also be a great way of adding a natural touch to your home decor. These materials can be a great way to create a relaxed, coastal vibe - consider adding a woven set of curtains from Woodyatt Curtains, a set of dyed woven placemats, or even a woven light fixture to your living room or kitchen.

Natural design

In addition to bringing actual natural materials into your decor, you can also use natural inspiration in your design. This could mean designing a kitchen with more curved countertops, or having a round window or two - whatever takes your fancy.

Lighting is also important

Finally, you need to consider your approach to lighting - it’ll have a big effect on how the elements listed above appear. Try to use as much natural light as much as possible, by choosing window coverings that let in plenty of light, and using light-coloured paint on walls. Using warm lighting, especially if they’re LED, is also essential.

Bringing nature back into your home can be a fun and relatively simple process, one that you don’t have to do all at once. By using natural materials and taking natural forms as inspiration for your design process, you’ll be well on your way to creating a unique, rejuvenating home.

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